Investing in your home means putting effort into designing and decorating a place that will bring you joy, happiness, and peace, whenever you step foot in it. No matter how small or big it is, how many rooms, windows, and common areas it has, an empty house is like a clean canvas waiting for the magical brush of its owners.

So, if you put in so much effort into creating your own peaceful corner and relaxation oasis, why not channel some of that energy into making a comfortable home for your dog pet as well?

Dogs are very loyal and loving creatures that deserve growing up in a welcoming environment, and that includes having their own space to run, stretch, and play whenever they want to.

So, why would you want to know an opinion on findster duo devices to track your dog whenever it runs away from you when you can design the perfect home and playground for it in the comfort of your own garden? Here are some easy tips on how to do so with minimum budget and effort.

Choose the right materials

Choose the right materials
In order to decorate your Dog kennel, you must first build it. Choose long-lasting and durable materials that can withstand temperature fluctuations without bending, chipping, breaking or cracking in time.
Plastic is an affordable and durable option but it heats quite fast during the summer. It won’t last too much either, especially if your dog has bad chewing habits.

Wood is durable, budget-friendly, and overall the most popular choice when it comes to dog houses. The only downside of this material is that it must be treated in order to maintain its strength, shape, and characteristics during the cold winter months or the hot and humid summers.

Think about the size of the house

The size of the house should mainly depend on the age and breed of your dog, as well as the level of comfort you are going for. If you’re building or buying a pup house you might be inclined to opt for smaller structures but those won’t be able to provide enough space after a while, meaning they will end up being changed.

If your pooch spends most of its day outside in the garden, enjoying the fresh air and the free space to run and play, the house should be big enough to provide a similar sense of freedom during the night as well. Thus, two-story buildings complete with various large windows will seem better than the regular small cages most owners have in mind.

Paint it in bright colors

Paint it in bright colors
Contrary to what we had believed for decades, dogs are not colorblind so you might want to make their house as appealing on the outside as it is on the inside. Try using bold, attractive colors that will certainly boost your pet’s levels of energy.

You shouldn’t hold back on patterns either, as long as they match the rest of your garden decor. From stripes to polka dots, geometric figures, and even letters, nothing is too much or too bright for your dog’s house. The only rule you have to follow regarding the paints is that they should be washable, non-toxic, and durable.

Interior decorations

The interior of the house is also important, so make sure your pooch has everything it needs. We’re talking about cushions, pillows, curtains, toys, chewing or edible treats, and a comfortable crib to sleep in during the cold winter. You can get a warm compfortable blanket at Pet Parents to make your animal feel secure. Add your smell to the blanket so they feel like your close. Make sure there is also enough room for the water and food bowls, and even for a partner.