Inspirational Decor Ideas with Living Room Blinds

Living room is the main area of our entire home decor. The more beautiful your living area is the more you and your guests will feel. This versatile space is used for many purposes – for friends and family gatherings after a long day or for partying – this place is a perfect area to celebrate any occasion. So proper makeover is always an essential part of your home decor project.

What would be your dream living room? Do you want simplicity or want to do something creative and unique? Or do you want to mix and match things? Whatever your choice is, proper decoration of your living room is an important core to any home. Through various decorative elements, you can create a place that suits your living style, whether you enjoy relaxing or entertaining guests. Before we used to decorate this place with beautiful furnishings but later on most of the homeowners face the issue of excess daylight and heat streaming through their living room large windows, making indoor uncomfortable. Decorators suggest covering the doors and windows with the right solution, which will create a perfect stay to relax while enhancing the beauty of the space.

What are the Best Options for Living Room Blinds?

There is no better place than a perfectly decorated living room. There are various considerations while decorating this area and windows are one of them. Express Essex Blinds have a great collection that will complete your window areas in style. We will help you in crafting the best living room windows to a whole new level.

Below are the top recommended modern living room window blinds that will create a fashion statement for your living room –

  • Vertical Window Blinds – When it comes to living room, vertical blinds are the popular and trendy choice among all. Fabric vertical window blinds solutions are considered as the best blinds for wide windows. Their effectiveness in controlling natural daylight, heat, glare, and UV beams help the interior to stay in a comfortable atmosphere so that you spend quality time without any disturbance. These blinds have always been well-known to add dramatic flair to your living area. You have the option to customize your product from a wide range of colors and fabric collections to suit the interior type. White wooden vertical blinds are the most demanding choice in the window decor furnishing. If you are looking for something simple yet sophisticated window solution, then custom vertical blinds are the right choice for your home.
  • Cellular Blinds – For a bright designer appearance, cellular honeycomb shades are an excellent choice. Not only the shades are elegant because of their insulation feature, but also their endless customization options make the shades a sophisticated and stunning choice. These window solutions are an outstanding choice for your living room arena as they provide a smooth glow of natural daylight for an eye-soothing and calm effect.
  • Custom Designer Roman Shades – If you want to have an instant elegance and warmth for your living room, then roman window shades are the right selection to go for. From a casual appearance to traditional one or from modern to vintage, these shades perfectly fit your decor style. If you have kids and pets, then selecting smart motorized roman shades are the best to go with so that you can relax without any worry. Personalize your product from various ranges of pattern and design collections and enjoy their exceptional benefits of natural light and privacy.
  • Living Room Shutters – If you want to give your living room a timeless beauty while bringing warmth and air of sophistication, then window shutters are a great fit. These insulating window solutions are uniquely crafted and consist of different slats which are responsible for adjusting sunlight and privacy. Their cordless mechanism makes a safe choice for everyone. These shutters look fantastic from both inside and outside, making them an ideal choice for living room window treatments.
  • Window Draperies – Curtains or draperies are a perfect blend of style and functionality. With endless options of color and pattern combination, you can pick up the one that works well with your decor design. Draperies have an elegant power to prevent the excess amount of light and heat while balancing privacy. Pairing with other window coverings enhances beauty, warmth, elegance, everything instantly. One of the best living room window treatment ideas that adds a finishing touch to your living room windows.

Living Room Blinds

Vibrant Living Room Window Design with Amazing Custom Blind Ideas!!

The living room is a perfect area to cozy up and chill with your friends and family members. Bring a lively ambiance by decorating the windows with the right living room window blinds. Install today and get the latest look for your place. If you need any assistance during the right fit or installation, get in touch with us!