Living in a small apartment or home can be charming – it gives you a sense of unparalleled coziness. However, it comes with a few downsides too, most notably the part where it can be pretty challenging to fit in everything you need. With smaller spaces, you might find yourself struggling to fit in even the essentials, let alone the extras. This problem would be exceptionally worse if you have a larger family with kids who have diverse needs that change each day. 

However, that is all a part of what makes living in a small house all the more appealing. With a bit of thought, you can develop ingenious solutions to help you save space and fit in everything you need. These solutions can help you maximize the space in your home, no matter what the size. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to stash everything you need, keep reading below.

  • Use extra storage

Everybody wants their house neat and organized systematically. However, if you live in a small house or apartment, there isn’t always much space for keeping everything you have. Many people pile up their stuff in various rooms or end up selling their items. Having all the cluttered stuff around the home can be incredibly overwhelming and can make your home seem much smaller than it is.

If you feel your home is getting too cramped, the best solution can be to use self-storage units. You may have a lot of items lying around which you don’t need for immediate use. If you have excess furniture, books, files, appliances, and much other stuff, you can store these in storage units.

Storage units come in various sizes based on your needs, and they are incredibly safe and secure. They are also pretty affordable, and you can use them for an extended duration. When you declutter your house from less needed stuff, you find a proper space for things that you need immediately. Your home can also seem much roomier, giving you more space to play around. So, rent a self storage unit and maximize space quickly.

  • Put up shelves

It can be challenging to find space to put up various knick-knacks you have lying around if you have a small house. There’s only so much you can stash in cabinets and cupboards until they get cluttered and messy too. However, an effortless way of opening up your home and adding more storage space is by placing shelves. You can add frames to your kitchen, bedrooms, bathrooms, and virtually anywhere else too. They can look incredibly modern and chic and add immense value to your wall while helping you add more storage space.

For smaller rooms, floor-to-ceiling shelving units are excellent and incredibly attractive too. You can also install hanging shelves above your couch, hallway, or bedrooms. There are a variety of shelf designs in the market. With more stuff stored on shelves, you can have more area open for movement, making your house appear larger.

  • Space-saving beds

One ingenious way to open up space in your home is by using space-saving beds. Storage beds are an excellent way to stow away items that you can’t keep in your closets. You can put your shoes, cushions, bed sets, and anything else in your beds. Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and you don’t want it to seem cramped and suffocating. The excessive visual stimuli that come with a cluttered bedroom can increase your stress levels considerably. So, instead of having everything lying around, stow everything inside your bed. These beds help you save your space, and you don’t need extra furniture like chests and dressers.

Bunk beds are another space-saving bedding solution to add. If you have smaller bedrooms where you can’t fit in two beds, adding bunk beds can be a great solution. They work exceptionally well in children’s rooms and come in cute, kid-friendly designs. Not only will your kids love the beds, but you’ll free up more space to add other items.

  • Bathroom organizer

It may not seem like it, but bathrooms can have a ton of items. Toiletries, medicines, hair products, makeup, and others can take up significant space combined. Having all these items lying around can make your bathrooms feel cramped and dirty. Bathroom organizers, however, can help you store away all your bathroom essentials without them taking up unnecessary space. Bathroom cabinets are the obvious solution. You can install these cabinets on the wall as well as under the sink. Bathroom cabinets can be incredibly chic and add a modern touch to any bathroom.

Apart from bathroom cabinets, you can add shower caddies, wall organizers, and sliding shelves that make it easy to keep all your favorite toiletries in close reach. Even simple additions like bathroom sets can make your bathroom seem much more chic and attractive.

  • Get double-duty furniture

When maximizing space in tiny houses, you want to opt for multifunctional furniture. It can make your home much more functional and reduces the need to add more items at home. An excellent example of space-saving, double-duty furniture is a daybed, which can be a perfect addition to any guest room or living room alike. Tables that double as desks or dining tables are incredibly multifunctional and can work in bedrooms and living rooms alike.

If you want to add some extra space and seating for when guests come over, cubes are an excellent option. When you don’t need the extra space, they can act as a coffee table. However, when you need extra seating space, you can pull out the cubes and comfortably accommodate all your guests. Space-saving solutions such as these won’t just open up your home but will allow you to show off your creative side. When organizing your rooms, be sure to pick the right color. Color can have a profound effect on your mood and make a room seem bigger or smaller. If you have a smaller space, it’s advisable to stick to lighter hues to make the area appear larger.


Living in a small house doesn’t mean you have to throw out your belongings or store them away somewhere else. With a bit of creativity, you can figure out how to keep everything at home without making your house seem cramped. These are just a few of the simple solutions you can employ to open up space and make the most of your home.