Looking to make an investment soon? How about a Murphy bed? Maybe you have thought about it. Maybe you haven’t. Regardless, in this article, you are going to learn some of the amazing benefits you can expect to gain by investing in a Murphy bed. 

They are also called pull-down beds, fold-down beds, or wall beds. Just like these names suggest, Murphy beds are beds that can be stored vertically against a wall when not in use. They can also be folded into a closet or a cabinet. It all depends on your needs and preferences. 

Here are more reasons why Murphy beds are worth your investment;

Save Space

The first and foremost reason, and probably why most people even think about Murphy beds is that they are space savers. If you are living in a small apartment, you can definitely get away with a nice-looking house if you have excellent interior design skills.

But even with that, nothing compares to having sufficient space in your house. And Murphy beds are here just for that purpose; create some space for you. While it serves as a comfortable resting place at night, it also serves as great wall space for décor or even storage space during the day. 

Are Multifunctional

Like said above, your Murphy bed doesn’t just serve as your bed. Depending on the design, the making style, and the model, you can customize it to fit any requirements you have. This includes having more storage spaces when it folds into shelves and cabinets. It can also be converted into a sofa.

Nobody just wakes up one morning and decides to buy a Murphy bed. Most people buy it because of its space-saving and multifunctional nature. You just need to determine what your requirements are and find your specifications in the market. Or better still, have a custom-made one. 

Can be used as Guest Beds

If you are living in a one-bedroom house or apartment and don’t have extra room or space to put yet another bed, you might consider getting a Murphy bed. When you are having a sleepover with a bunch of your friends or when family members are visiting, you will need more space to accommodate them. A fold-down bed will come in handy in these situations.  

High-Quality and Comfortable

You are probably used to the regular conventional beds and you assume a Murphy bed will not give you the same comfort. Well, fortunately, you don’t have to be sceptical about buying Murphy beds and your comfort. Everybody loves their sleep. And it is even better when it is comfortable.

Investing in an authentic, high-quality wall bed with a soft and high-quality mattress, serves just like a regular conventional bed. You can always be sure of a nice time resting. Just make sure to pay attention to the brands you are buying from. 

Can be customized to fit your needs and Interior Design

Another advantage of a wall bed is that you don’t have to buy a ready-made bed. If you have your own specification, you can always request a custom-made wall bed that suits your requirements and needs. You can get queen-sized, single, or double Murphy beds.

It can also be designed to be a single unit or a part of a large custom unit. This means it can be a part of a large wall cabinet that runs from one corner of the room to the other. You also have a range of wood finishes to choose from and different style storage options; open and close cabinets, shelving, storage for pillows and blankets, and more.