Art is a very effective way to strengthen focus and increase attention. Being partial to a good piece of art develops an affection for the greater things in life which we often ignore.

Murals are a great way to show art and channel inner peace as they create a tangible sense of aesthetic tranquility and calmness. Wall murals are an excellent way to bring life to a dead space. Instead of applying paint color, most businesses and homeowners are choosing murals as a way to decorate their work and living space.

Exposing yourself to nature is a great way to boost happiness and positivity. Choosing a nature-based mural design lifts your mood and releases a lot of stress. Let’s look at some of the trending nature-themed murals to help achieve inner peace.

Beach Themed Wallpaper with Horizon

Beach Themed Wallpaper with Horizon
To get the maximum effect out of a mural, a scenery with bright colors is the best. A beach-themed mural with the blue horizon and a sea view creates a sense of escapism. It gives a spacious outlook to the room that offers a very soothing feeling to the person viewing it.

Whether you are seeking a combination of blue skies and an emerald green sea or an aesthetic look of sandy beaches and stones, you can choose from a wide range of beach wall murals by clicking the link.

Forest Themed Wallpaper with a Dark Background

While beaches give a very bright and vibrant look, forest murals give off a darker and mysterious look to the room. The green and brown combination of the mural has a very dynamic effect and abstract quality.

Forest themed murals are best to create a sense of calmness and to give a rustic look to the room. By pairing this type of mural with real plants, you will feel as if you are in living in the wild!

A Mixture of Mountains and Sunrise

A Mixture of Mountains and Sunrise
Let’s be honest – who doesn’t love the sense of wholesomeness a combination of sunrays on mountain peaks create? This theme is perfect for bedrooms or living room as they have a vivacious effect on the room. As it has very minimalistic requirements and doesn’t need any color co-ordination with current décor, it is a very trending mural theme.

A Foggy Trail through Woods

The black and white features of this theme create a very unique sense of depth inside the room. The quality of this theme to blend with the existing decor of the room is a very attractive quality of this mural design.

There is a huge demand for this theme in offices and workspaces as the scenic landscapes in these murals have a veryinspirational effect on employees.

Waterfall Themed Wallpaper

Waterfall Themed Wallpaper
Nothing beats a waterfall when it comes to mural designs. Waterfall adds a very soothing effect and makes you feel refreshed and energetic. A highly detailed waterfall mural will add something incredible to your walls that seemed to be missing before.

Honorable Mentions

I hope you loved my list of the top trending nature-themed murals. Field wall, skies and cloud, open road, and lake mural designs are also worth looking into if you are planning to add a serene effect to your home or workspace.