Having a beautiful lawn is not enough; it is essential that you maintain your lawn to keep it beautiful always. Lawn care is not as difficult as you might think it is. You can always get a professional to do it, but it is quite manageable yourself too.

If you are wondering how you can maintain your lawn, then we have something that might help. Below we have made a list of steps you can follow to take care of your lawn properly.

Remove weeds

Weeds are your lawn’s biggest enemy and they can appear anywhere. Weeds are brought into your garden in several ways It can be through birds, pets, or even your clothing. It is necessary to pluck these weeds out before they take over the whole of your lawn. Make sure that you pluck the weeds out with their roots or they will just keep growing.

You can also apply a weed feed to prevent weeds from ruining your green and clean lawn.

Improve drainage

Lawns that have poor drainage are at the risk of waterlogging. Consequently, not having healthy drainage can affect your plants as well your grass. If waterlogging is a common problem in your lawn, you can fit gutters around your lawn for proper drainage.

Along with that, you can also go for drains so the rainwater does not get logged into your lawn. Another way is to reshape your lawn in a manner that prevents waterlogging. Adding plants that need excessive water is another option that you can go for.


Aeration is a process that helps water and air penetrate better into the roots of the grass. Effective penetration is necessary as your grass needs the right nutrients to grow which is supplied by air and water. If your lawn is affected by drought or waterlogging, you should aerate it.

All you need to do is create small holes in the soil. Make sure that the holes are at certain intervals and depts. You can do this with a gardening fork or the equipment made for the process. Most lawns only need the process aeration one every few years. Instead of going to aerating your whole lawn, you can also go for specific areas. 

Try overseeding

Overseeding refers to the process of covering the entire lawn space with large quantities of seed mixed with fertilizers. What this does is rejuvenate tired and worn-out lawns by filling in the damaged and thin areas. Consequently, overseeding also improved the color of your lawn and reduces weed/moss invasion.

For overseeding, aeration is required. You can buy spreaders to evenly distribute the seeds. Once that is done, make sure you keep the area moist to encourage germination.


Apart from these tips, remember to keep your lawn clean and remove any dead leaves and plants in your lawn. Taking care of your lawn regularly will prevent it from getting extensively damaged. So, make sure you follow these tips to have a green lawn!