Even those that offer carpet cleaning Irvine, prefer a clean space, be it in the office or at home. A stained carpet makes you uncomfortable and distracted, especially if you are in an office environment. A clean space will keep you happier, calmer, and even increase your productivity levels. As such, you need to keep your area clean. Furthermore, a clean office or home makes an excellent first impression. Your clients are more likely to continue doing business with you when you have a clean working environment. Your home visitors will have a high opinion of you too.

Choosing a carpet cleaning company is not an easy task, though. Sometimes, checking out accreditation, experience, and reviews is not enough to assure you of the efficiency you need. Therefore, you should hire a commercial carpet cleaning services that effectively remove harmful pollutants with their professional knowledge.

#1. Price

Expensive, in most cases, doesn’t mean best. Most organizations that enlist cleaning services don’t go for carpet cleaning companies that charge a high amount. Cheap is also not very reliable for most clients. A client will doubt your services if you charge a way lesser amount than the norm. A carpet cleaning company that wants to stay in the market and wants a positive image should offer affordable services. Not too cheap or too expensive.

The term “you get what you pay for” only applies in some kinds of businesses. A carpet cleaning company shouldn’t use such a saying. It will soon be out of business because clients will shudder at the thought of the services they can get if they bargain too much.

#2. Dry Cleaning Or Steam Cleaning

There are two types of carpet cleaning that cleaning companies offer. Dry cleaning, also known as low steam, involves using chemicals with as little water as possible. It is cheaper than steam cleaning and much faster. It also doesn’t offer thorough cleaning, as steam cleaning does. That’s why cleaning companies recommend it for bachelors and people who don’t keep much dirt.

Steam cleaning, as the name suggests, involves the use of a lot of steam. Steam cleaning combines the use of chemicals and hot water. It offers a more in-depth cleaning experience and takes more time. Landlords and property managers majorly use steam cleaning after a tenant has moved out. However, some organizations also consider steam cleaning once in a while to assure their employees’ health and safety.

#3. Client Needs

You should know your carpet type, age, and stains; it has to get the best out of your carpet cleaner. An efficient carpet cleaning firm will also ask about your children their ages and whether you have pets. The answers to these questions will help determine what the cleaners will use to ensure the best outcome that doesn’t harm your kids or pets. It is also important to note the type of floor you have to help prepare your cleaners for when they come cleaning.

#4. Company Appearance

Appearance plays a significant role in the choice of a competent cleaning firm. You would think twice if you have to visit a firm’s offices in a run-down part of the town. The same approach applies to a cleaning company that has worn out uniforms or a beat-up service vehicle.

The cleaning firm of choice should have a vehicle with an explicit logo, name of the company, and phone number written across it. The number plate should also be transparent. A worn-out car shows neglect, and there is a higher chance that the company is not accredited.

It’s important to note that professional cleaning companies have clean uniforms, plus they wear covers on their shoes. So if you want your clients to acknowledge your carpet cleaning firm as “professional,” you need to be clean, just like the services you offer.

#5. Guarantee

You often ask for a warranty when you buy appliances when you fix them and even when you have them repaired. A guarantee works the same way as a warranty. The only difference is that there are no conditions in a guarantee as with warranty.

An efficient cleaning company should guarantee its clients. They should assure their clients with excellent service. Failure to which they will redo the job free of charge or refund the payment. A carpet cleaning firm that offers a guarantee will encourage more clients to try out their services.


The best carpet cleaning company is out there to find if only you follow most of the guidelines. Many people end up with shoddy or rogue cleaners only to complain later while they are at fault because they didn’t consider all set rules. However, some companies will still turn out inefficient even after you have ticked all the boxes that they are the best carpet cleaning service. But these will only be one percent of the ninety-nine percent. When you are in search of a professional carpet cleaning company, therefore, make sure you tick all the qualities and some more before settling on one.