Parents who want their kids to grow up smart and happy should buy them a busy board for playroom. This item enables the younger generation of the family to develop on both physical and intellectual levels. Also, it will become a nice addition to the room’s decor. It is beautiful, colorful and it easily fits the interior of any style. In this article, we will analyze the advantages of this type of educational toy. Also, we will share tips on how to use it for design purposes.

What is Busy Board

Sometimes, people would call it a Montessori board, sensory panel or activity board for toddlers. It consists of one or several panels with diverse items attached to it. These are a few examples of such items.

  • Letters
  • Numbers
  • Pieces of cloth
  • Buttons
  • Zip locks
  • Shoelaces
  • Latches
  • Clocks with hands
  • Abacus
  • And many others

By touching them, children develop their fine motor skills — that is, the capability to coordinate the movements of their fingers. Plus, they memorize the names of the objects on the sensory walls. They learn to categorize and characterize things. They become able to share their thoughts and express their feelings freely. And of course, the kids learn to use everyday appliances in a safe and funny manner.

You will not need to teach the children how to use the board or encourage them to do it. They will be curious to explore it themselves. Grown-ups just need to explain to them how to use certain objects — for instance, how to lace the shoes or tell the time using an analog clock.

How to Decorate Kids Room with a Busy Board

This wooden decoration for kids room is available in different sizes. You can attach it to the wall or a piece of furniture. Here are a few design ideas that might inspire you.

  • A panel with a painted base will become an opportune bright accent in a room with a neutral color palette.
  • A panel with an unpainted or pastel base will visually add space and air to the room.
  • Themed or printed panels look like pieces of art on the walls.
  • If there is not enough space in the room to hang a large panel, opt for a set of smaller ones.

Besides, there are compact cube-shaped busy boards. You can take them with you on trips. These toys will keep your kid entertained in a car, on the beach or in the countryside.

Why Do Kids Never Get Enough of Sensory Panels

The small ones quickly get bored with toys and decor items. Some parents try to turn the kids’ room into a fantasy world. For example, they buy them a bed in the shape of a pirate ship, paint ocean waves on the walls and store clothes in a treasure chest. For the first couple of months, the child would be over the moon. But then, they will stop feeling the magic of this fairytale.

This happens because the pirate environment does not stimulate their creativity. It gives the children a certain plot that they have to stick to. When they see waves on the walls, it becomes hard to imagine that they are in a wood, a desert or an enchanted castle.

A sensory wall, on the contrary, gives the little ones freedom of imagination. Using the same panels, they can invent different stories every day. Busy boards encourage open-ended play — that is, a game that has no rules and no goals. It can go on forever and its participants can exercise their creativity with no limits.

This is why kids never get enough of sensory walls. The older they grow, the more sophisticated games they invent. They can enjoy the same busy board for several years in a row. And if you decide to buy them a new one, that will noticeably change the looks and the atmosphere in the room.

Reasons to Order Busy Boards at the BumbleBee Smart Store

At BumbleBee Smart, you can choose from multiple varieties of sensory panels:

  • Unpainted base
  • Painted base
  • Printed base
  • Theme Shaped
  • Mini

Each of these items is much safer if compared to a DIY busy board. The BumbleBee Smart toys do not provoke allergies and are harmless to the environment. All the items are firmly attached to the board so that the kids would not tear them off accidentally.

We offer sensible prices and we are ready to ship our goods worldwide. If you need a consultation, feel free to contact us! We will be glad to explain to you how to decorate kids room walls. We will help you to select an excellent busy board for your child. Parents can buy a sensory wall as soon as their baby is born or even a few weeks before.