Once upon a time, if you wanted to become famous, you had to plug away in hopes that a talent scout or someone with industry connections would notice you. That format still exists to a certain degree, but social media has changed the game for those seeking fame. Indeed, all it takes is one post to go viral, and voila, you’re famous.

While there is no template you can follow that will guarantee you’ll be the next person to gain fame through social media, there are some best practices that will greatly increase your chances. Continue reading to get some tips that will help you achieve notoriety on social networks.

Find your niche

Have you ever wondered why some people can seemingly grow their following overnight while others languish in social network obscurity? One of the reasons people fail to gain traction on social media is that they’re all over the place with their posts. One minute, they’re a political activist, and the next, they’re a CBD advocate.

There’s no rule stating that you can’t be multi-faceted with your content, but you need to find your niche. If you’re a cannabis aficionado or hemp plant enthusiast, stick to your guns and stay in your lane. In other words, find your crevice in the social networking space, and stay put.

The benefit of sticking to your niche is that you gain the trust of others by sticking to your field of expertise. People will begin to come to you for a specific type of content, and you could become an authoritative voice in the online CBD community. So, find your voice, find your audience, and stay true to them both.

Use rich content to reach more people and grow your following.


Once upon a time, Twitter was the preeminent social networking platform. You’d be amazed what 140 characters could do for you a decade ago. Tweets and retweets still gain a lot of traction, but it’s the type of content that’s changed. These days, the most effective Twitter posts employ visuals and rich snippets such as GIFs. Why? Because people prefer looking at pictures and short videos to reading.

Furthermore, you can boost the reach of your GIFs and visuals by using a Twitter post template with eye-catching graphics and trending hashtags. With the right tools and tactics, you can become a leader in the Twitterverse.

Invest in your social media posts.


Another great way to increase the reach and efficacy of your posts is to boost them. Boosting your posts means investing money in them so the social networking platform you’re using will prioritize your posts and strategically target people in and out of your social network based on their age, location, and interests.

For instance, if you were a CBD blogger and wanted to share a Nuleaf promo code, you could reach more CBD users by putting anywhere from $5 to $100 behind your post. Of course, the more money you put behind your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter posts, the greater their reach will be.

Another way to invest in your social networking efforts is to hook up and collaborate with other influencers. The key to building partnerships with influencers is to find people in your wheelhouse with a following similar to yours.

When you work with influencers who have a following similar in magnitude, you can guest star in each other’s videos or create guest content for each other. However, if the influencer has a following that’s sizeably greater than yours, you’ll likely have to sweeten the pot with money.

The keys to building your online following are to find your niche, consistently post rich content, and collaborate with other influencers. Following these tips won’t guarantee you notoriety, but they’ll greatly increase your odds—the rest depends on what you come up with in that creative mind of yours.