Mice infestation is a scary experience. This is because they are noisy, especially at night, which can cost you sleepless nights. They prefer living in the attic of the house, and for this, you may find it hard to find out that you have uninvited guests. The attic area is a perfect shelter for these rodents as it’s a warm, safe, and safe place to make their home. However, living there has negative implications. If not dealt with, these rodents can reproduce at a high rate, and before you realize, your attic will be overrun. Besides, the fact that they are chewers means that they can gnaw your electrical wiring, causing outages and even fires in some instances. They can transmit deadly pathogens, such as the Hantavirus, by contaminating your food and drinks or through dropping. Now that you know the risks they pose, we shall continue to give you tips on how you can get rid of them and make your home a better place.

How Do You Identify Mice in Your Home?

As mentioned earlier, these animals find the attic area a better place to live. It takes some time for any homeowner to access this area. However, there are signs to look out for, and that can tell you your home is infested. They include;

  • Mouse droppings
  • Mice nests
  • Fresh chew marks
  • Urine-stained areas
  • Mouse hallways

How to Eliminate Mice in the House

1. Identify and Seal Their Entry Points

The first step to dealing with mice infestation is finding their point of entry. You need to establish precisely where the point from which they access the attic area. This may take a while, depending on the size of your house or property. You need to look for gaps and holes on the house’s exterior lower level. This may be through water pipes, taps, AC’s connections, loose sidings, or cracks in the foundation or windows and doors.

After identifying the holes, work on those that are bigger than one inch. For the small homes, a combination of steel wool scouring pads and caulk can do the magic. However, if the holes are big, some concrete mortar may come in handy. Sheet metal or heavy-gauge hardware cloth can as well help patch the area. Don’t make the mistake of using plastic or any other chewable materials. Doing so means that the mice will still find their way into the attic.

2. Lay Out Traps

Laying out traps is sometimes one of the most complex yet compelling ways to deal with mice in the house. It requires you to be smart when setting up the traps. Also, the effectiveness is dependent on the type of trap you consider. Do you prefer live traps or snap traps? Regardless of the trap you choose, placing it strategically is what causes the differences. Specialists suggest that you follow the droppings to point out these mice’s pathway.

For the people of the Bay Area, dealing with stubborn mice is a common occurrence. The fact that these creatures are somehow cautious means that you need to be smart with your traps. Now and then, specialists at Smith’s Pest Management insist that you ensure that you cover enough area with the traps. You can have a pro set these traps along the walls to ensure that you get rid of the problem for good. One good thing about professional pest controllers is that they are familiar with the attic region, hence saving you the trouble of climbing the dusty areas. Besides, they can offer alternatives to your problem if the traps aren’t successful.

3. Don’t Forget to Check the Traps

When it comes to using traps to eliminate the house mouse, the job doesn’t end with setting up the traps alone. You must always check the traps at least once a day. In some instances, the cautious mice may dodge or set off the traps. By checking, you help point out the reset traps and leave them ready for the next catch. Also, some traps catch the mice, killing it, and this means that you have to get rid of the dead mice and reset the trap.

4. Practice Proper Sanitation and Food Storage

Having these uninvited guests in your home is a health hazard, as they are known to spread over 35 diseases. As said earlier, these deadly diseases can be transmitted to humans through contact with the animal’s feces, urine, or saliva. Also, infections can be caused by rodent bites. Therefore, it’s crucial to get rid of your attic rodents before they cause health complications.

Practicing proper hygiene and food storage is one of the most recommended prevention techniques known to be effective. Whenever you store your food properly, the mice won’t be attracted to your house. Mice can survive on three grams of meals a day. Therefore, you need to ensure that even the small messes are cleared off. Hygiene is also important. Practice cleaning your house regularly. A cluttered home can create a good breeding spot for the mice whenever they aren’t in the attic region.

5. Get Rid of Shrubs and Trim Trees Near Your Home

Mice are known to survive well in the wild. The shrubs, especially, are a perfect breeding ground for them. Therefore, if you are looking to get rid of the mice for good, among the first places you should consider are the shrubs around your home. Another thing to note is that mice are known for their climbing ability. They can jump up to eight-foot downwards. This, therefore, means that whenever you have trees around your home, you create an excellent ladder for them to access your attic. You must ensure that the trees around your home are well-trimmed to close that pathway. A tree trimming professional can assist you in this case as they leave your exterior looking amazing while your house is free from the mice.

Having mice infest your house can be an annoying experience. These creatures can mess with your home, making it uncomfortable to live in. Unfortunately, dealing with them when they are in the attic area can be complicated as you may not realize they are there in the first place. This article explains how you can notice their presence and eliminate them successfully. Read through the article to find out which of the mentioned methods is likely to work for your case.