Where in a business setting or at home, none of us what to find out that we have a rodent infestation. Any type of infestation is unwelcome, especially if you are serving customers in a commercial building. If you think you may have a rodent problem, you must tackle the issue immediately. Look out for these signs and use some of these DIY techniques to help resolve the problem. 

Evidence of Rodent Activity

Rodents are tricky creatures that fit through tiny spaces in your home, they move through a building without being detected and even though they are quite large, they can be difficult to spot. If you speak to an expert in Melbourne’s leading pest control company, they will tell you that rodents are sneaky critters that cause a lot of damage to your premises. They burrow their way through homes and businesses looking for a place to stay and a regular food source. 

Luckily, rodents tend to leave traces of their activities behind and that is why they get caught. If you know what to look out for, you can identify and eradicate the problem. Here are some signs of recent rodent activity. 

Droppings – If you notice any droppings around the building, there is a good chance you have a rodent infestation. They are most likely to be found near food packages or bins and they are dark and moist. You can also find them in cupboards, under sinks, and in drawers. If the droppings are old, they will crumble easily when disturbed. 

Bite Marks – All sorts of pests can wreak havoc in your home or business and one of the worst infestations to have is a rodent one. When looking at gnawing marks it is important to determine the age. If the marks are fresh, they will be lighter in colour and start to darken as they age. These marks are generally found around food packaging or on the structure of the building itself. 

Bad Smell – If you think you may have some sort of infestation, but you are not sure what pest you are dealing with, look out for a foul odour around the property. If you have any dogs or cats, they will become more active around this area as the scent will draw them to the rodent and their droppings. 

Track Marks – Another obvious sign you have rodents in the building is track marks. If they are active in your property, you will be able to see distinctive track marks that fade over time. 

Best Prevention Measures

Rodents are dirty creatures that carry a lot of different diseases, so it is important to set traps and get rid of them. If all your prevention measures fail or you do not fancy the task, call a professional pest control company, and let them deal with the intruders. 

Once the rodent infestation has been removed, you should look at ways to prevent them from coming back. Having an infestation of any kind can cause serious damage to your home or the reputation of your business. Look for the signs mentioned above and tackle the problem immediately.