When putting a piece of land up for sale, you’ll want to make it look attractive to grab the attention of potential buyers. You should put your best foot forward, as this will likely be one of the most significant purchases the buyer will make. Making some simple improvements can help you get to the closing process faster and bring more money into your pocket.  

Follow our seven simple tips to make your home stand out and get more buyers to your doorstep. 

Do Some Landscaping

Selling land can be a hassle-free experience if you tidy up the place and make it more appealing. One of the first things people will notice is landscaping. Remove any overgrown weeds, prune the shrubs, and de-weed your flower beds. Also, plant some flowers to create an aesthetic environment. You can even put flower boxes in the windows to add a more welcoming and home-like feel. Finally, maintain the lawn regularly — you never know when a prospective buyer will stop by. Keep everything trimmed and mowed, and fill bare patches with fresh grass to enhance the curb appeal. 

Add Property Value with Green

Planting a young tree today will soon add value to your plot of land’s curb appeal. Before planting, consider the size of the tree’s root systems after it’s fully grown, and choose a species that’s suggested for your location. Your local extension office can provide a list of the best trees for your area. Finally, be sure to have a utility company representative come out and label the underground utility wires before you put a shovel in the ground.

Fix Everything

Fix the things you’ve always meant to. Prospective land buyers don’t want to take over someone else’s problems, so you should tackle all the things upfront. Also, a simple $5 fix can look like a $200 fix in the eyes of the buyer, ultimately increasing the value of your property. Remove any peeling paint on shutters, fix any broken parts of the fence, replace patio pavers, repave a cracked driveway, and replace fractured boards.  

Line a Walkway With Pavers

Even if your concrete walkway is relatively good, you may want to spruce it up. It’s quicker and less expensive to line an existing sidewalk with pavers to add color, texture, and width than it is to replace it. Pavers made of stone, clay, and concrete are all great options. Dig a trench one paver wide along the walkway, level in a sand or pea gravel bed, and then set and tamp pavers to level up with the top of the sidewalk. You can do the same in the garden.  

Add a Fresh Layer of Color

Peeling paint can be a big turn-off for potential customers. However, a fresh coat of paint can do wonders. It will give your home a fresh and more polished look. Repaint the exterior and interior of the house, as well as the fence and front door. Consider trending colors for the exterior, whereas you should stick to neutrals for the interior. Repainting the entire property might take time and money, but you could raise your sale price. 

Spruce Up the Outdoor Space

Outdoor decorations may seem unnecessary, but they can easily create a welcoming atmosphere. Build a patio and purchase patio tables, benches, and chairs. You can even add a fire pit and an outdoor kitchen. Cozy decorations and lights can add charm to the space and improve buyers’ perception of the home. 

Make Everything Look Spotless

Make sure to clean your home thoroughly before putting it on the market. Start from the inside — clean all baseboards, walls, windows, and appliances. Moreover, dust on every flat surface, including ceiling fans, is often disregarded. Then, move on to the exterior. Remove rotting wood and ensure no debris and litter could make your tract of land look less attractive. If needed, hire a professional cleaning company. 

Final Thoughts

Making an effort with landscaping and maintenance, investing in outdoor décor and a fresh coat of paint, and creating a welcoming doorway will undoubtedly pay off. Once you spruce everything up, make attractive photos to publish on land listings to help customers decide. Buyers notice the small things, and if your home looks in top shape, they will be more willing to put down a deposit.