If you love sports then when it comes time to give a room in your property a makeover a sports-themed design could look amazing. Also if you have kids who are sports mad then this is a great option when it comes to giving their room a once over. There are so many amazing ways that you can give your home that sporty feel and today we are going to have a look at a few inspirations which you can consider the next time you decide to give your property a redecoration.

Recreating a Soccer Pitch

I remember watching the brilliant soccer coach Roy Spagnolo, talk about surrounding yourself with the sport you love, and recreating a pitch will do just that. If you have a games room or a TV room then this is the perfect place where you can do this. A green carpet and with some custom lines added, some goal posts painted on the wall and your favorite team’s jerseys hanging up with some memorabilia. This will turn your room into a room dedicated to soccer, or another sport which you are passionate about.

Framing Items

You don’t have to completely turn your room into the replica of a stadium in order to get that sports feel and something as simple as framing jerseys can be a great way to bring that sports feel to proceedings. If you are a basketball lover then grab some jerseys online and display them in all their glory inside a large frame for that perfect museum-style look.

Walls and Bedding

For kids who love sports you can go one further than painting their walls the team color, you can also go for bedding which is specially designed to represent their favorite team. To give the walls an even more professional look, why not opt to buy some vinyl decals which can be peeled onto the wall? These could feature your child’s favorite players or favorite sporting moments and they look super cool when mounted onto a wall.

Games Room

Setting up a games room where you can watch and play sports is the perfect idea for any sports fan. This will give you a perfect place to play all kinds of sports from hockey to pool, or perhaps even to practice your gymnastics skills. When you do this it is important that you completely dedicate the room to sports, if you are going to do it properly then there is no room for a hybrid or a multi-purpose room, this will be for sports and sports only.

Decorate the walls with your favorite sporting images from over the years and add some storage for things like balls, nets and goals.

If you really are say for sports then the only sensible thing to do is make sure that your home and the rooms within it reflect just that. Feel free to send in your images of your sporting interior design around the home, we’d love to see it!

If you wish to learn more about Roy Spagnolo, more information about him can be found at http://royspagnolo.com/.