The day of your birthday, the anniversary of your wedding, the date of birth of your children, the registration of your first car, the next elections … There are many ways to choose the lottery numbers, be it a tenth of the Golden Chance Lotto or Nigeria lotto combination. However, the question is: are there more chances of winning the lottery by choosing your numbers or by letting chance decide?

Keep reading, and we will tell you about the different options to choose the lottery numbers and the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

  • How to choose random lottery numbers

If you are one of those who think that all the numbers are in the hype, there are several ways to choose the lottery numbers at random:

  • Playing a blind tenth or a random combination: It is as easy as going to your lottery administration and asking for the number that the lottery wants (“one to touch, please”) or generating an automatic combination with the terminal of lotteries.
  • Play the lottery online with a tenth or random combination: If you prefer to play the lottery online at an official site such as, you can buy any one-tenth or play a random combination with just a few clicks.
  • Use your system to generate random numbers: for example, you can write each number on a piece of paper, mix them up, draw one number at a time until you complete your combination, or use dice, a toy bingo, etc. Some people draw on the ticket and choose the numbers marked. Imagination to power!

Any of these systems can help you choose a tenth at random or create a combination of random lottery numbers. However, suppose you do it this way. In that case, you must be prepared for the possibility of having to play with an ugly tenth or a combination of those that, a priori, do not seem very appetizing: low numbers, repeated, ending in 13 …

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  • How to choose your own lottery numbers

Would you instead choose the tenth or the combination that can make you a millionaire yourself? So, you can use these systems to choose the lottery numbers:

  • Play with personal numbers: as we saw initially, they can be your lucky numbers, figures that have a special meaning for you, select dates, anniversaries of ephemeris, or numbers that are current for any reason.
  • Always play the same tenth or combination: Another option is to subscribe to a lottery number or combination for all draws, hoping that sooner or later, it will end up coming out. Some have subscribed to the same number for 50 years!
  • Analyze the statistics: to choose your tenth or to win lottery combination, you can also study the numbers, endings, or combinations that come out the most in each draw, the least, etc. On the website, you can consult the official statistics of Nigeria lotto, etc., at any time. Click here and check the lotto results now.
  • Trust your intuition: Have you dreamed of a certain number? Have you seen a tenth that caught your attention? Are you convinced that this year El Gordo will finish in seven? Do not hesitate; listen to your instinct because … what if it happens?

Don’t hesitate to try your luck in the world of lotto games. Who knows? Maybe your numbers will bring you luck and the greatest fortune?