Original hopes that a virus would be quickly found and life would return to normal have faded. Although a virus does seem to be likely within the next year, there are many areas where COVID-19 is resurging, causing issues economically, socially, and financially.

That’s why it’s important that everyone plays their part in minimizing the virus risk. Social distancing and face masks are two important methods of limiting the spread. However, potentially the most important is cleanliness and hygiene.

You already know to avoid touching your face, which is harder than it sounds. But, you may not have considered the best way of keeping your home clean during the pandemic. This is important as your home is your sanctuary. If you keep it clean and keep COVID-19 out, you can actually relax and enjoy the company of your family!


The main issue is body fluids, specifically, droplets expelled when you breathe, cough, or even sneeze. The droplets can float in the air for a short while and be breathed in by others. But, they can also land on surfaces where research suggests the virus could stay alive for hours or even days, depending on the surface.

That means you need to minimize the chance of the virus getting on a surface and kill it if it does.
The first step is to get some good quality sanitary bins Sydney. This gives you somewhere secure to place any tissues and other disposable items without allowing the virus to sit in the air.

Make sure that your entire family knows to sneeze or cough into a tissue and throw it away before immediately washing their hands.

Keep It Out

The best way to keep your house clean is to keep the virus out. Ideally, everyone should take their shoes off at the door and head straight to the sink to wash their hands with soap and water. They shouldn’t touch anything between the door and the sink.

This will prevent the virus from getting into the house! Of course, you do need to consider other items, such as groceries and post that may come into contact with your surfaces.

Scrub With Soap & Water

The best practice is to scrub your sides at least a couple of times a day when you feel there is a risk of the virus has come into contact with them.

Use soap and water and either reusable cloths, (that go straight into a washing machine after), or paper towels, (that go straight in the bin).

Soap and water remain the most effective way of killing the virus. Disinfectant sprays can help but they work best on cleaner surfaces. That’s why you should start by cleaning with soap and water.


Once you’ve wiped all the surfaces down you can spray a disinfectant spray across them. If possible simply leave the spray to dry naturally, this will prevent you from moving it around and the virus with it.

Don’t forget, if someone is sick in your house you’ll need to do this more often and the sick person should isolate themselves as much as possible. This is true even if they are not sick with COVID-19.