Consumer protection laws do exist to safeguard consumers against exploitation and fraud. Whether you are buying a laptop, a lawnmower or a light bulb, at least it should serve the purpose for a reasonable length of time. Even services have specific standards it should exceed, and so the gas and electricity supplies. Consumer protection laws exist to protect consumers of goods and services from exploitation and fraud.

Consumers are always happy in the energy sector when they receive energy supply uninterrupted and need not complain. However, when things go wrong, which rarely happens, consumers need to be aware of their rights and obligations and how best to sort out the issues.

In every energy market globally, there is an energy regulator that acts as a watchdog for consumers. The energy regulator ensures that energy firms comply with energy-related regulations and fine them whenever they violate stipulated laws. However, regulatory bodies do not investigate; they only chip in when they know something went amiss. That’s why consumers should know their rights and raise alerts when their rights have been violated.

Consumers are switching their energy suppliers.

Should consumers switch suppliers when their consumer rights have been violated? Of course, and not only that, report the supplier to the energy regulatory body for investigation. How do consumers choose energy suppliers to switch to?ReviewsBird gives energy consumers to leave reviews about their experience. This is the starting point for many energy consumers when searching for energy suppliers who ticks every box in their checklist. When you want to read energy company reviews or want to leave a review for your energy supplier, go to ReviewsBird.

My consumer rights to information

There are consumer rights that protect against doorstep selling. So no matter where you sign up with a supplier, you need to know the ins and outs of your subscriptions at any one time, and when there are changes to the plans, you should receive adequate notice duration. Energy suppliers are obligated to provide its consumers with all relevant information, including the total price, how the total cost was arrived at, and how you can pay for the energy supplied. They must allow you a 14-day cooling-off period if you decide. Otherwise, you can cancel the subscription without further explanations.

If you think your energy supplier misinformed you about the energy plan, you are paying for. Or you were switched to a new supplier without your knowledge, launch a complaint through their website. You will see what to do or steps to follow if you are not satisfied with their response.

Start your complaint by contacting your energy supplier. This way, you are giving them a chance to resolve the issues with you. If the problem escalates further, you have the right to contact the energy regulator for further investigations.

As much as consumers have their rights, suppliers have their rights too. They can discontinue service if you keep falling behind in paying your energy bills and they have the right to install a prepaid meter if you keep paying your bills later than required.