Most people replace their windows only when it’s absolutely necessary.

But, if you were aware of the top grade variety of windows and double glazed window replacement services in Melbourne, you may jump to swap your old ones for fresh, new stylish windows! You can revitalise your home, give a new vibe to your environment, or make a fashionable interiors statement purely through some creative window replacement.

So, we looked around and found 4 stunning styles that may convince you to undertake window replacement in Melbourne for your home or office.

Here they are:

Bold Contemporary Windows


The modern trend says bold is better. You may choose from a variety of colours and textures for your window frames ranging across Colorbond Paperbark frames, Custom Black frames, Metallic Silver Frames, Monument Frames, and Classic Cream ones.

Most windows in a contemporary collection are wide, sleek, and strong to complement open, sophisticated interiors with minimalistic furniture and detailing. Both commercial and residential structures can depict a style purely from the facade of the building. Replacing your windows for striking contemporary ones can help achieve this instantly.

Glorious Metallic Bathroom Windows

Bathroom windows are often neglected. They are seen as being purely functional holes in the walls pretending to be windows! We found some majestic fixed lite and double-hung window designs with metallic silver frames that made a bathroom come to life.

You can, of course, only afford to install large windows if your bathroom is at a height or facing the bush or an unapproachable beach. But others can try irregularly shaped windows and tinted glass for adequate light and warmth, with added cheer and intrigue.

Facade Awning Windows


There is an entire range of beautiful awning windows for any room on the front side of your house. You can replace your current standard windows with Awning windows made even more attractive with Paperbark Frames and custom coloured hardware. Another good looking option is Terrain Frames with Black Hardware that truly pops.

Awning windows are suitable for strong wind and rain regions. They can ventilate while shielding you from harsh weather. Their versatility allows them to add their charm as a pretty kitchen, bathroom, and even living room windows. Accent windows above the main door or facade windows replaced with the awning kind, again, help light and ventilation without weather intrusions.

Window with Colonial Glazing Bars


An old but unique design idea that has a classy cottage quality is some fixed windows with colonial glazing bars. These are windows with bars of design across the glass that elevate the window to a fancy one. If you remember the houses drawn in old storybooks, they often had the classic 4 squares per window design. That still looks adorable and with the variety available today in colonial glazing bars, there is a lot one can do with this vintage inspiration.

They look best in pearl white with matching frames and are available in various designs and configurations.

So, whether you wish to stay classic or go the modern way, there are many window designs available today for your window replacement in Melbourne. We hope our list has got you thinking about giving your windows a fresh, new look.