Finding the right hat is not that hard if you know the trick. Else, you may have a great hat in mind, but it doesn’t work out quite as well when you try it on since no two hats fit in the same way or look great on everyone. After all, they say that fashion is all about what makes you feel good, and if a hat doesn’t make you feel your best, you have to move on to a different style. However, don’t panic. There are some guidelines you can follow. One of the critical aspects of finding the right hat can be your face shape, for starters.

Determining what type of hat will fit your face is a two-step process. As a first step, take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your head. Then, grab a traditional measuring tape or ruler from your toolbox to double-check that measurement. The second step involves paying attention to what type of shape comes with the style of hat you have selected. All mens hat styles come in different forms. Some hats come in smooth dome shapes, while others feature cuts and curves suitable for certain kinds of faces. Your hat choice will be easy if you know your facial feature well apart from your head size. So, let’s look into different face shapes and what you can wear on them.

Long face

Wide brim hats, cowboy hats, and sunhats are flattering to long faces. Since these potentially cover your forehead, your face doesn’t look too longish.  

Square face

If you have a square face, it’s best to avoid hats with angular features, as they can make the face look even more angular. It is wise to wear flatter hats with wide brims instead, like cowboy hats, sunhats, or those covering your forehead. These soften the face and prevent it from looking too long. Beanies are best to avoid for this reason.

Oval face

An oval shape can be an advantage because it goes well with almost all styles and looks. So you can explore all hat options worry-free. However, it doesn’t mean you can wear your hat just as you wish. Proper outfits must be in place to create the desired casual, formal, or edgy appearance.

Round face 

Dressing with a round face doesn’t have to be a challenge. Since you have the opposite shape, accentuate it further by wearing accessories like angular hats. Here, the neutral gray fedora is an excellent example of achieving this.

Diamond shape

A diamond-shaped face may have some versatility when it comes to hats, but there are still vital things you need to know. Similar to other shape faces, your key concern should be creating symmetry. You don’t want anything too bulky in the front that might impede on the broader area in your forehead or ears. Avoid wearing anything too shallow because it can emphasize your narrow jawline. Considering all this, something with a deep crown similar to a pork pie can be your ideal bet.

So, these cover almost all the main types of face shapes or cuts. Now hat shopping doesn’t have to be difficult for you.