“Mini Butane Torch”

Using a mini butane torch comes in very handy in many ways, aside from using it to light a fire. You can use it for general-purpose tasks like cooking, thawing frozen foods, and even jewelry making. You can take advantage of its compact size for those hard to reach places that need light or heat. Mini butane torches are also a great choice when you want some level of versatility with the flame.

You will never know when you’ll need a mini butane torch, so it is practical to have the best torch for Dabs readily available in your tool kit, trunk, or even backpack. You don’t need any special skills to use one, but you have to make sure to have read and understood your mini butane torch’s directions. Depending on the brand, there would be different ways to turn it on.

Still, regardless of the brand, you must take the preliminary precautions before using it, like ensuring that your work area is fireproof. Although the flame can be adjusted and controlled, it would still be highly recommended to put on some safety glasses. You can never be safe with fire, so it’s best to take the preparations seriously.

After setting up your workspace, tilt the torch at a 45° angle, maintaining a distance of 8-10 inches from the surface where you will be applying the flame or heat. Turn on your mini butane torch by preparing the butane flow then clicking the button of the ignition.

Please make the necessary adjustment on the flame by trying the highest level it can reach, then lowering it down to your desired size. There is a small knob or lever to make the flame bigger or smaller. Here are some maintenance tips that you can do for your mini butane torch:

  • Use it whenever you can – torches, regardless of size, need to be used as often as you can to remain functional. Using it also helps in keeping the jets clean. There is no need to save it for any emergency use because if you feel and think that you need your butane torch’s effectiveness, then grab it and use it. Preserving it and keeping it stored for a long time will make it stop working as it should.
  • Only use butane of good quality – butane with excellent quality tends to burn cleaner, and it also keeps the torch jets cleaner. It would be beneficial to learn about the different kinds of butane that you can use for your mini torch but as a recommendation, go for the butane that went through a refining process of at least 3 to 5 times. You can ask your local store owner or helper about what butane they carry. Alternatively, you can also check this information out by going through the information on the butane can.

  • Observe proper distance when torching – carbon can build up when you torch very closely. It might also cause some debris to be gusted back in the jets and cause it to clog. If this happens, lightly blow in the jets hoping to loosen the debris. If this doesn’t work, you need a canister of compressed air to give it a good gust.
  • Follow the correct filling and refilling process. This would mean that your torch should be completely free of air and butane. When refilling and there is still air on your torch, you’d end up with a weak flame. Your flame would only last for a few seconds because the air is not as potent and flammable as the butane that it is mixed with. You don’t need to purge the air and butane every refill but would be highly recommended every 2 to 3 fill-ups. You’d soon experience a torch with an intense flame with butane that would last longer.

Follow these tips and use your mini butane torch correctly!