Whether you’re a student, a teacher, or an office employee – tables make up a significant part of your life. You can’t do the homework properly without it, you can’t deal with stacks of papers, and you definitely can’t sit at a table if you don’t have one!

We’re joking of course, but every household need tables for a variety of reasons. In this article, you’ll find a couple of modern tables for beautifying and gratifying workplace areas. You can find most of these in the office furniture bay area as well.

Traditional Wooden Office Table Design

Traditional office tables provide plenty of familiarity and enjoyment because they’re essentially timeless. Everyone likes a wooden table, make sure you don’t spill fluids on it; it can be a pain to clean up and can ruin the nice wood.

Contemporary Office Table Design

Contemporary Office Table Design
Contemporary, or modern office table designs, can be found worldwide in many of the elegant homes we have today. There’s no better way to encapsulate and enjoy the present (work wise) than by doing so on a contemporary office table. These designs are plentiful, but any of them can work wonders for your home!

Zigzag Office Table Designs

Zigzag designs are relatively new but seem to work perfectly. This type of design allows lots of space to be used and you don’t feel isolated like in a cubicle. Think of it like playing battleships; you and your colleagues sit on one side while the rest sit on the other. Of course, you’re not fighting each other, but you get the jist of it. Perfect for feeling better and more motivated while working!

Round Office Table Design

Round Office Table Design
Round tables have been around for centuries. Just remember the Knights of the Round Table! Jokes aside, this type of design might seem redundant due to homes and rooms being blocky, but it works great for breaking up the monotony. And hey, you can always feel like a knight alongside your fellow compatriots!

My Own Office Table Design

If there’s no style or design you like, why not give it a shot yourself? Contact a carpenter and explain your idea to him/her. Go for something unique! Sure, there are millions of table designs available, but sometimes, we want something really specific. And the design also depends on the circumstances; depending on your workplace and what you need to do on the table, the design will change. Hence try to be as detailed as possible when going for a personal design!

Artist Office Table Design

In today’s world, artists mainly use computers to realize their ideas and designs. However, old-school artistry is still very much alive so a table that offers enough space for artists to express themselves might be a good idea (if you’re an artist of course). No matter the case, this design must provide everything an artist needs – and they’re pretty fancy as well in most cases!

Office Conference Room Table

Office Conference Room Table
This is a largely specific table that some of you dear readers can ignore because, unless you’re the owner, you won’t be making this choice. However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to get it for yourself! Office conference room tables are large and designed to accommodate many people. As such, you can use it for other purposes in your home! They are usually elegant and clean; perfect for the office!

Modern Office Table Design

Modern office tables contain plenty of nooks and crannies for whatever you might need to store in them. But they’re also minimalist and clean in design. Truthfully, there are so many variations that you might have a tough time deciding what exactly you need. Contemporary table designs have already been mentioned in this article, and they’re fairly similar to these ones. Get yourself a modern office table to keep up with the times!

Go Green Office Table Design

Go Green Office Table Design
There’s no better time to start supporting and helping the environment than now! Our planet is in danger, and every little bit helps. Go green designs follow a simple formula: Use materials that are reusable and environmentally friendly! On top of that, these tables almost always look stunning and can truly enhance your work experience and enjoyment levels.

The Reindeer Desk

Finally, the reindeer desk has been designed with the animal in mind. It scarcely resembles the deer but only if you look at it at a glimpse. The silhouette is what it’s all about with this desk, and it offers peace, quiet, and a wonderful place to work!