We all have memories of a family member practicing a hobby. Whether it was Gran sewing a dress, or Dad tinkering with his woodwork, or Aunt Maud knitting a hideous Christmas jumper.

With the hustle and bustle of today’s lifestyle, it is vital to have a hobby. Recreational activities are shown to:

  • Help you to destress
  • Challenge you
  • Unite you with like-minded individuals who are not family or colleagues
  • Keep you physically healthy, and
  • Mentally alert

Even more important is a dedicated space in which to practice it. Somewhere close to home, but that isn’t in the house itself.

Space is not always readily available, but you can consider installing a summer house in your garden. These cabins come in all shapes and sizes, including units that fit tidily into a corner, taking up only a small area.
Dedicated Garden Space
There are lists of leisure activities from which to choose, and all have their benefits. If you’re not sure what kind of building you’ll need for your hobby, don’t hesitate to ask the cabin manufacturer what they recommend. They will be more than happy to assist, and often will have more than one product available to suit your needs and your budget!

The benefit of such a building in your garden is that it is an investment. It adds value to your property and offers a welcome escape from the madness of the office, or from your spouse and kids who simply must have something done now.

With a coat of paint, it can also be adapted to blend into your garden, rather than look like an added afterthought. By incorporating it into your existing space, it will become a place where you will want to spend time; your stress-free oasis.

If you’re a cooking enthusiast, you could add a deck to your structure. Furnish it with a small table and chairs, and voila! The ideal spot for an alfresco dinner with a beautiful garden view.
Dedicated to Garden Space
Others enjoy blogging as a hobby. Being able to express who they are or what they’re doing pleases them. These writers often don’t want to work within the home, but popping out to a local café for a coffee every day eventually does become an expensive exercise. If only they had a designated spot where they could make a cup and get typing.

Voracious readers may only want a quiet, comfortable space in which to enjoy their latest novel. The area doesn’t need to be significant. It merely has to have space for a plush chair, a small table (on which to set a soothing cup of tea), and a reading lamp.

Having an area earmarked for pursuing your pastime means that your mind will associate that specific space with relaxation, pleasure, and happiness. Given that you’re able to customise your outhouse to suit your particular needs, decorating and furnishing it (solo, or as a family) could be a hobby in itself.