The decision to install a toilet and sink vanity combination unit may be a purely practical matter that is necessary due to the amount of space available for the installation. Conversely, the decision to install a combo unit may be more a matter of style and design. Here are some reasons why you should choose a combo unit.

Small Space Installations

A combination unit offers a very suitable solution to providing toilet and hand washing facilities in a very limited space where otherwise the hand washing would have to take place at another location.
Small Space Installations
Toilets are often referred to as “the smallest room”, therefore it is common for there to be limited space available for the installation of hand washing facilities. Combination units are available from a width of just over 500mm, providing a solution for even the smallest of rooms.

Larger Spaces

Where the available space is somewhat larger than the average toilet there is much greater scope to install a freestanding vanity unit or toilet and vanity unit combo as there are a number of units that offer toilet and washing facilities that are designed with either a left- or right-hand configuration. Depending on the particular situation, a combo unit may have the toilet bowl located to the right or the left of the sink unit. These larger units are also very practical in that they provide a useful amount of storage space.

Where the available space permits, it is possible to obtain combo units that offer a considerable amount of storage space in addition to the toilet and sink unit. Toilet, vanity and storage combination units of over 2 meters wide are available where there is sufficient space for their installation.

A variation on this theme is the provision of an ‘L’ Shape combination unit where the toilet is once again located to the right or left of the wash basin but the basin is smaller and protrudes only slightly into the available space.

Choice of Finish

Choice of Finish
There are a range of finishes available that go beyond the traditional white gloss finish so often used in bathrooms. Available finishes may include:


  • Traditional White Gloss Finish
  • Black Finish
  • Dark Wood Finish
  • Light Wood Finish
  • Walnut Finish
  • Blue Finish
  • Grey Finish


These toilet and vanity unit combination units provide a very stylish and practical solution when considering restyling a toilet or bathroom. Consulting a specialist, such as Bella Bathrooms, is recommended as they can provide expert assistance and advice when planning a bathroom. You can use this Bellabathrooms link for more info. Combo units provide a range of options that offer toilet, hand washing and storage options depending on the amount of space available. A single unit may be as small as just over 500mm wide and so would be practical for the most minimal size bathroom or for a ‘downstairs’ toilet with limited space for the provision of ‘en-suite’ hand washing facilities.