Window screens and half-screen windows are a lovely addition to both new and older houses. Half the screens cover half of the window, so if you want more natural light in a room but don’t want a screen in the way, you may. In most cases, half-screen windows move up, leaving the bottom open and the top permanently shut. Half screens are great for double-hung windows and even screen doors, but mounting a screen to a half window might be challenging at times. Thus, to install aluminum screens in half windows, some homes employ ram horn clips, little metal pieces. These ram horn clips may need to be replaced on occasion, or the screen may need to be updated and returned along with the ram horn clips.

 Listed below are some of the reasons you will need window screens for your home

  • Help you have clitter control

The ability to keep insects and other pests out is one of the most obvious benefits of a high-quality window screen. Few people enjoy having creepy crawlers in their homes, but these annoyances can raise disease risk, particularly when mosquitoes are present. Window screens are credited with helping eradicate Malaria in the United States in the early 1950s. They also assist in preventing other pest-borne illnesses such as the West Nile virus today. Insects get access to your house through ripped or otherwise broken window screens, increasing the danger of unwanted ‘guests’ or even infection. To lessen the likelihood of screen failure, use high-quality screens with sturdy frames and mesh made of steel, copper, or fiberglass.  Therefore, window screens are necessary as they will allow you to bring in fresh air while still keeping bugs and mosquitos away.

  • They prevent dirt splatter on the grass

Another advantage of a decent window screen is that it provides an extra layer of protection for your glass from dirt, mud, and other debris. Windows without screens, which act as excellent environmental protection, will get grubby faster and obstruct your vision. When it pertains to a high-performance window screen, clear vision is always desired. Thus, it’s advised that you clean it at least once a year, along with your window panes.

  • They allow you to save on money

Having screens on your windows, you may open them at any time of day or night without worrying about the wind blowing objects in or other unwanted visitors. You may have a healthy breath of fresh air circulating through the house day or night without having to run the air conditioner constantly by opening the windows. In the winter, the window screens allow us to open the windows safely and allow fresh air to replace the stale air that contains all of the airborne garbage that makes us sick. The presence of fresh air in the house reduces the likelihood of being ill, saving us money on cold treatments and trips to the doctor’s office. Moreover, it allows you to save on energy bills.

  • They protect the interior of the house

As fragile as some window screens may appear, they provide a reliable barrier between the interior and outside of the home. For instance, if children play outdoors and a Frisbee or a ball gets out of control and flies at your window, it will safely bounce off the screen. If the window screen weren’t there, the object would fly inside your home, causing harm to everything near the window it strikes or knocks over.