In order to grow, every business needs feedback from customers. Whether it’s a simple survey, or verbal feedback, a cabinet manufacturer should always seek feedback from customers they have served. This information is not always going to be positive, which is why you need to find out which areas of operation your business can improve.

For customers that are satisfied with your services, ask them for testimonials. Whether it’s a written letter that you can copy and post at your office, or online testimonials that can be posted on third-party websites, the key is to take advantage of opportunities to promote your brand through the feedback of customers.

Continually Develop Relationships and Partnerships

You begin the process with experience, use high-quality materials, and infuse creativity into designing superior products that customers love. However, every cabinet maker understands the importance of continually learning and infusing new techniques and procedures that expand their service offerings or comply with growing trends.

The same concept applies to developing relationships and strategic partnerships. Connecting with like-minded business owners that serve the construction or remodelling industry but are not competitors is crucial for expanding your business offerings. Consider building relationships and partnerships that range from casual to official, with companies like home builders, electricians, remodelling companies and more. The key is to establish yourself as the leading cabinet maker in your area – being the go-to source for custom cabinets.

Word of Mouth Advertising

The best advertising any company can get is word of mouth advertising for one reason – it’s free. When you provide superior customer service, make high-quality cabinets and woodworking projects, and do so at affordable pricing, customers will be satisfied with your service. However, in order to develop word of mouth advertising opportunities, you’ll have to do better than satisfied. The key is to surpass expectations and incentivise referrals.

Consider setting up a referral rewards program, such as offering gift certificates to local restaurants, discounts on future services, or other creative perks.

Mobile Advertising Works

Mobile Advertising
Many companies, including cabinet makers, also have at least one commercial truck for collecting supplies, delivering products to customers, or other business needs. Since you drive around your location, why not take advantage of some very affordable marketing by vinyl wrapping or applying vinyl graphics to your work vehicles?

Mobile advertising is a very affordable and effective method for introducing your brand, service, or products to everybody on the road. Whether it’s a full, custom-designed vinyl wrap or just smaller logo placement, make sure to have some branding or company information posted on your vehicle. Make sure you have your website, phone number, or contact information posted on the vehicle, to make it easier for potential customers to connect.

Door to Door Advertising

Door to Door Advertising
If you serve customers locally, by installing the cabinets that your company manufactures, why not take advantage of other potential customers in the area? This is known as letterbox drops or door-to-door advertising. It begins by creating a small, yet memorable and eye-popping marketing material – like a refrigerator magnet.

When you’ve finished a local job, take a few minutes to walk the neighbourhood or local business park and pass along flyers or marketing materials to locals. The simple act of being visible introduces new opportunities and potential customers. Plus, if you target local customers from previous clients or jobs, and those customers are happy to display your work, it provides a unique mobile showcase of your cabinets installed.

Always Improve Your Brand Messaging

A creative jingle or advertising slogan is always a great way to become ‘top of mind’ with customers. However, it’s more important to work on practical messaging that customers will actively promote to others – about the quality of your work, your services, or ability to satisfy customers.

When you’re creating marketing materials, make sure to use terminology that backs up testimonials or online reviews. For example, consider the following phrases:

  • Our company is affordable
  • We are experienced
  • Our team is highly skilled and professional
  • We are trustworthy and honest
  • We operate with integrity and ethically
  • We’re on time and within budget
  • We provide superior customer service

The key is to make sure any ‘tag lines’ are backed up by customer testimonials about your company. This helps to establish credibility with future customers, as when they research your business it will turn into practical and factual details.

Wrapping it Up

Marketing and advertising are not always fun or something that cabinet makers enjoy discussing. However, it’s crucial – especially when you operate a self-managed business and have a limited budget. If you’re not in the position to retain a professional marketing agency or pay somebody to come up with creative and affordable programs to find new customers, the tips posted above are simple, scalable, and easy for anyone to implement. Cabinet making insurance options should also be considered.