Renovating your home does a lot of things, most of them positive. For instance, it raises the value of your home when you sell it. The quaint cottage look might appeal to you, but if buyers are looking for a ranch style house you’re not going to get very far. Ask your real estate agent what is selling and renovate your house in that direction. You’ll increase the value and increase your odds of a quick sale.

Remodeling your home to increase its value and give you a return on your investment is an old tried and true reason for redoing the house. It’s not the only reason though. If you’re planning on staying in your home instead of selling it, you might want to change its appearance to better suit you and your family.

Knock out a wall here or add a window there, and suddenly you’ve got a whole new house on your hands. There are a lot of different ways to improve your house and they don’t all involve saws, hammers, and nails. Sometimes they only involve paint.

Repainting the house is cheaper than remodeling it. You could use a home equity loan to pay for a renovation but if your debt to income ratio is too tight that might not be a good idea.

Painting Works And It Is Work

Painting Works And It Is Work
Painting a house works to spruce it up and change the look and feel of it. Stripping off the old wallpaper and putting a pastel or off-white on the walls will instantly make a room feel larger. It will look brighter and lighter.

Painting is work though. Don’t let anyone fool you about that. You’re going to have to move things to the center of each room, cover it all with drop cloths, and get down to the often messy business of painting. Painting is work. It’s not as much work as a complete remodel, which will probably include painting at the end, but it is work. Don’t let anyone try to fool you about that.

Work Smart

It’s long been said that you can either work hard or work smart. When it comes to painting, the can help you work smart. Depending on what your project involves, there are different kinds of sprayers available.

Ceiling Sprayers

Ceiling Sprayers
Spray painting a ceiling isn’t like spraying the walls or the porch railing. You’re going to be holding the sprayer up over your head so it needs to be as lightweight as possible. Try holding a five-pound weight over your head for five minutes. It is easy at first. It is just five pounds after all. As the minutes’ tick past that little five pounds of weight will start to seem heavier and heavier. Now imagine doing it all day.

Hopefully, this little thought experiment has convinced you to get the lightest sprayer you can. The air hose is going to add more weight too, don’t forget that.

Wall Sprayers

With few exceptions, ceiling sprayers can be used on the wall too. There might be special cases where you’d need a different spray painting gun but those are few and far between.

Furniture Sprayers

Furniture Sprayers
Naturally, there’s an additional step to painting furniture – removing the old paint. Sanding the wooden parts of the furniture not only removes the old paint, but it also preps the surface under it to receive a new coat of fresh paint.

When you’re painting the ceiling or a wall, most of the paint lands on the surface. When you’re painting furniture a lot of the paint won’t be deposited on your target. Spraying outside on a drop cloth is your best option in a case like that.

There are sprayers designed for spray painting furniture, to get into all the nooks and crannies. They’re different than ceiling sprayers but since you’re not holding it above your head, you can afford to get a heavier sprayer than when you’re working on the ceiling.

The Right Paint For The Right Sprayer

Experienced hardware store paint mixers can help you pick the right paint for your sprayer. You’ll have to choose the color or hire an interior decorator to help you, but the people at the hardware store will be the ones you’ll turn to for getting the correct paint.

Tell them what surface you’re painting and what sprayer you’re thinking about getting for the job. They can steer you in the right direction for which paint is the correct one for your needs.