Practically every homeowner has some essential tools on hand to deal with minor plumbing and electrical problems. Some of the plumbing issues happen with time, wear and tear of plumbing tools, and some depend on how certain plumbing equipment is used or maintained.

If you have a little knowledge of how to fix clogged toilets, slow drain, hidden leakages in sinks; it would be very helpful for you. But when it comes to electric problems at home, safety dominates everything. Flickering electric bulbs, fused and damaged appliances, electric bills going up; can be a reason for your home circuit problem. If you have emergency electric problems in Sydney, you need to check and rectify it urgently.

However, bigger plumbing and electrical problems need a professional person to solve it. But you can try to repair little common problems on your own. Following are the ten most common electrical and plumbing problems, you need to identify to get the appropriate solution.

Electric Problems

Electrical Problems

Frequent Electrical Surges

Surges are commonly known as Transients, and this is the fast striking of light through the electric. Mostly electrical surges can be a result of many things, including, damage to power lines, poor wiring, lightning strikes, high voltage, and flawed appliances in the house. Though electric surge remains for a few seconds, in case the object has frequent surges; this is sure the electrical object would be damaged.

Even in a matter of split-second surge, your electronic devices can be damaged if connected at that moment. Frequent electric surges can happen due to an electrical device that is connected to the grid, and it also depends on the wiring. So make sure what is the reason behind this problem, otherwise get a quick help from local electrical contractor.

Poor Circuit Connection

If you have a poor circuit connection, you can go for Residual Current Circuit Breaker or Residual Current Device. This is a separate device that is used to detect low voltage and also helps to prevent poor circuit connection. This RCCB or RCD device can automatically switch off the breakers if it detects the irregular flow of current. This device must be installed by an electric professional at home because this can reduce the electric shock threats and protects against direct or indirect currents.

High Electric billing

There are some reasons if you are getting high electricity bills every month,

  • Your wires and circuits are damaged
  • The electrical system has a leakage
  • Your electric devices are obsolete and consume more electricity.

This is not a big issue; all you need to do is to switch to some cost-effective electric devices that can reduce your electricity bills. You can also unplug all those electric appliances that are not in use. Better consult any professional electrician – like the experts from Apex Electric – to get your wires repaired. He can identify which appliances are causing a power surge.

If you detect any electrical problem, try to sort out with the help of an electrician. Don’t leave it hoping it would go away itself.

Bulbs burnout

If your bulbs burnout frequently and you are tired of changing now and then. There might be two reasons behind this issue; bulbs you are buying are of poor quality, or you have some electric problem. So this way you would not blame your bulbs if there is some electrical problem at your place. There are ample reasons why your bulb gets fused off and on; it might be due to high voltage, inadequate air circulation, not fixing bulb tightly, etc.

You can check the bulb holder either it is loose or depleted if this is not the problem. Now you have to consider calling an electrician and discuss with him so you can save your bulbs in the future.

Sticking out wires

When houses become old, everything they possess also gets aged, including electric wires and cables. And this makes the point quite clear, so you got the main reason. Sometimes wires drop out of the outlets as there are plenty of wires inside and they got mingled inside. And might be someone who has done this wiring was inefficient who did not put wires in a mannered way by tapping them properly. But this does not mean that you go and bring tape and put tape around wires to let them stick inside the outlet.

You need to get your electric sockets wired again and ensure they are tightly secured. You can make secure your place from fire sparks because the hanging wire can be the spark’s reasons.

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing Problems

Water Pressure is Low

If somebody complains the water pressure is low, it is directly connected with the sink faucet. You need to check first whether the water pressure is affecting both the hot and cold side and just one side. If both hot and cold have very low water pressure, it means that the faucet aerator is the reason behind this pressure issue. Calcium deposits in the faucet gradually reduce the water flow, but this blockage is easy to fix. You can clean out the residue inside the aerator by removing it, wash out the debris and put it back on.

Running Toilets

One of the most common plumbing problems is running toilets almost every family is familiar with. There are multiple reasons behind running toilets, and nearly all are easy to sort out. First, you need to figure out what is the main reason for running the toilet, once you find which part is causing a problem. You can replace or repair it that can stop the running water.

Pipes Leakage

Some reasons behind the leaky pipes include;

  • Clogs
  • The pipe is laying incorrectly
  • Corrosion
  • Joint damage
  • Seals are cracked
  • Water pressure exceeds

Whatever is the reason of pipe leakage, but this needs to be solved immediately. This is what you have to get fixed by some professionals. If you ignore this issue, your plumbing system and your home will face more damage, so better to repair it urgently.

Water Heater

This is the problem that you can identify only when you are in the bathroom or the kitchen, using hot water when it suddenly vanishes. There are again lots of reasons behind water heater failure. Heater’s pilot light may go out, and you need to go and relight it. Sediment in the water tank can be the reason, and you have to clean your tank. The thermostat can be faulty, so go and get check it. But all these should be checked by some professional if you never did it yourself.

Garbage Disposal get Jammed

Garbage disposals get jammed due to any reason, let see what could be the reason. If certain food like veggie peels or cornhusks dispose of, they can jam the disposal. If some bones get stuck in between the blade and the drain, or any fruit pit. If you don’t run enough water to get garbage, get flushed, try to reset the button. If it does not work, you have to open it up and free the motor to let it work properly.


These are some of the common problems of the plumbing and electrical department, which every single person has faced. And people get worried once they know that their home has some issues. These are little issues that one can resolve on his own, but if you do not know the solution, you can call some professional help.