Moving can be a stressful ordeal, especially when you have to do everything yourself. That’s why many people opt for the ease of removal companies to lighten their load. Moving costs and offerings between companies can differ significantly, but it’s worth having a rough idea of what the average removal costs are in general.

For example, a local 3-bedroom house removal can average at $245 per hour, while an interstate move from Brisbane to Sydney can cost between $2,600 – $3,640. You can even add extra services like packing or storage to make your move easier.

Market research is important as it helps you to stay on the right track and not go over budget.

Here’s what you can expect to be charged from a professional moving company for different services. 

How Do Companies Calculate the Removal Cost?

Different companies have different methods of charging. Some charge per hour or half-hour. Others charge a set fee that includes all your requirements, like travel distance and number of rooms.

The hourly removalist cost will depend on how big your home is. The number of movers needed will also depend on the number of bedrooms. 

In Sydney, here are the prices to be expected from a removalist that has public liability insurance:

Size of House Number of Movers Average Removalists Cost
1-bedroom apartment 2 $125 per hour
2-bedroom apartment 2 $125 per hour
3-bedroom apartment 3 $175 per hour
3-bedroom house 4 $245 per hour
4 or more bedroom house 5 $315 per hour

Does Distance Affect the Cost?

If you’re moving locally, the average price will be between $100-$1000. If you’re moving more than 20 kilometres away then you’ll probably be charged closer to $1000.

Moving interstate usually isn’t charged according to an hourly rate and is rather charged per kilometre. 

The average price of moving a three-bedroom house interstate can be:

From To Approximate price
Sydney Canberra $2,125 – $2,950
Brisbane Sydney $2,600 – $3,640
Melbourne Gold Coast $3,250 – $4,550
Adelaide Sunshine Coast $6,000 – $7,500
Brisbane Perth $7,150 – $8,825

What Makes the Cost More Expensive?

The more complex your move, the more the removalist prices will increase as it will take more time and effort to move your belongings. 

A basic removal job can become more complicated when there are things to navigate around, like:

  • stairs,
  • lifts,
  • small doorways, and
  • narrow hallways.

You could also be charged according to the weight of the move. Heavy furniture and other items like large couches, a fridge or a piano can be charged between $50-$140 depending on their weight and how many movers are required.

Consider the date and time that you’re planning to move because many removalists will charge an extra fee on Sundays and public holidays. Additionally, moves scheduled during peak traffic will take longer to be delivered and can be quoted for more because it takes up more of the removalists’ time.

What Additional Services Are Available?

Removalists start by offering the same, standard procedures:

  • disassembling the furniture,
  • loading belongings and furniture on the moving truck,
  • transporting items to the new property,
  • offloading items off the truck at the new property, 
  • positioning the different items and boxes in the appropriate rooms, and 
  • reassembling the furniture.

But, there are various extra services that some removalists provide, as listed below.

Packing Services

Professional packing services can be much more convenient and efficient compared to a DIY approach. 

The professional packers are trained to safely wrap fragile items up in bubble wrap, put labels on boxes and write lists of the various items being stored in which boxes. 

Therefore, whether you unpack your belongings yourself or use the removalist’s unpacking service, unpacking your belongings will be a simple process.

You can expect the average cost of a packer to be $80 per hour, and if you need more hands then it’ll be more expensive. Companies typically have a minimum booking period for their packing services.

Storage Services

Sometimes, for reasons out of their control, people have to move out before their new place is ready. This is why some removalists have storage services and can cater to short or long term needs.

Mobile storage is an easy option because the truck picks up your goods and the storage unit is already placed on the back of the truck. Everything is packed into the storage unit and transported by truck to the warehouse and it is removed and stored safely until you’re ready.

Then, the removalists will load the storage unit onto the truck and conveniently deliver it to the desired location.

Pricing ranges between daily rates of $2 per day, or monthly plans for more long-term storage. Using a mobile storage facility over a period of a month will typically cost around $120.

Cleaning Services

After your belongings have been taken out of your house, you need to ensure it’s cleaned for the new occupant to move in.

You could certainly do this yourself, but it can be a strenuous job. You could employ a professional cleaning company, but it’s often cheaper to opt for the cleaning offered by your removalist company and add it to the bill.

Removalist company cleaning services average at around $285.

Packing Materials

Some removal companies have packing materials like cardboard boxes, packaging tape, butcher’s paper and bubble wrap for around $100 on average. 

Why You Should Shop Around

Not all removal companies provide the same services and they all have different prices. It’s worth doing some market research to see which company offers the best rates.

For example, if packing materials or boxes are a problem, you might find it beneficial to employ a removal company that provides that service.

Removalists generally offer a free quote with no obligations. 

Key Takeaways

Removal jobs can be charged at a flat fee or per time period. 

The number of removalists you’ll need will depend on how many rooms there are in your house. A 3-bedroom home will need four movers, at an average price of $245 per hour. 

Short distance, local moves typically cost under $1000, and interstate moves are around $3500.

Most moving companies have extra services that can make your move easier, such as:

  • packing services,
  • storage services,
  • cleaning services,
  • and packing supplies.

Author Bio:

Victor Berezinas

Victor is the Managing Director of ABC Removalists. They pride themselves in being personable family-owned furniture removalists and have been operating and providing amazing service as Sydney removalists since 2015.