The garage door is an essential part of the house. However, when talking about home maintenance, people always tend to leave their garage doors out of the narrative. They typically give more attention to their home’s foundation and exterior parts, such as the roof and sidings.

The garage door helps secure your vehicle. You also use it to take your vehicle in and out of your home, thus a well-maintained garage door provides you with a hassle-free experience whenever it’s time to use or tuck away your vehicle.

If you have been neglecting repair and maintenance of your garage door, here are some reasons why you should postpone it no longer:

1. A faulty garage door may cause accidents.

A faulty garage door may cause accidents.
Your family’s safety is essential, so you should make sure that everything in your home is functioning well, especially your garage door. Garage doors are heavy as they’re usually made of bulky steel and iron, so any malfunction may cause major accidents. These accidents can be quite gruesome, which include fingers being caught between door sections or being on the receiving end of a garage door falling off completely. These untoward incidents could be prevented with proper maintenance, which should involve regular inspections and repairs.

Usually, the culprit behind a garage door not functioning well is the breakdown of the springs. If the repairs of your garage door involve technical aspects, do not attempt to fix it yourself and get an experienced professional instead. For example Side doors for garages have door springs have high-tension mechanisms, which means they are dangerous parts to fix. When it comes to repairs, always rely on a trusted professional. Ideally, a garage door should be inspected and repaired at least once a year.

2. A well-functioning garage door provides security for your family.

A garage door that doesn’t close properly can be a security issue, a situation that can be avoided through timely maintenance and inspections. Imagine having a wide-open garage door; your family will be vulnerable to the intrusion of burglars and trespassers.

If you notice that your garage door is opening and closing in an unusual manner, the security sensors may be faulty. Sometimes, in order to fix the said problem, all you need to do is to wipe the security sensors with a soft cloth, but in some cases, you need actual repairs that only professionals can perform.

3. Avoid damage to your vehicle with a properly functioning garage door.

If you want your car to be safe, you have to invest in the yearly maintenance of your garage door. This is especially important if you own luxury cars. A faulty garage door that suddenly closes can cause accidents that could give your car scratches and dents. You will not only have to repair your garage door, you will have to get your car repaired as well.

This scenario can especially happen with automatic garage door openers with damaged, faulty reversal features. The heavy doors of your garage door can suddenly slam in on your car; even your life and physical health are compromised with a malfunctioning garage door.

4. Regular repairs help you save money.

Regular maintenance and repairs of your garage door mean it will be durable for years, plus you can save a lot more money in the long run. Constant check-ups help identify problems early on. More serious issues that are usually caused by negligence require major repairs, which can be costly.
Regular repairs help you save money.
Replacing a garage door opener entails an average cost of $350, while complete garage door replacements can go as high as $1,100 at the very least. However, if you do regular maintenance and repairs of your garage door, you could definitely avoid paying for such costs.

5. It gives you the freedom to upgrade to the more advanced types.

Regular maintenance and repair of your garage door not only saves you money but also gives you the chance to upgrade to the newest, more advanced types. Add-ons may be pricey, but since they make your garage door system more functionable and more convenient to use, plus they improve the security of your home, it would be safe to say that such an expense is worth it.

For example, older doors use the same rolling codes every time, and this is a security risk that can make you vulnerable to burglary and break-ins. An updated rolling code system changes the code every time you go out, so there are fewer chances of break-ins happening when your house is left empty.

Another technological upgrade concerns the inevitable occurrence of power outages. You must get a battery backup for your door, so you can park and get out anytime even amidst the electrical issues in your home. Many technological updates can be incorporated in a garage door, and you have to talk to a professional to know all about them and see one that you may need.

Your garage door needs regular maintenance and repair to keep your home safe and secure. Getting a professional to look into your garage door also allows you to learn more about the latest security functions.

6. Faulty garage doors can get stuck at inconvenient times.

Imagine if there’s an emergency or if you are rushing off to work and the garage door either refuses to open or close. This incident can put you in a truly hellish situation. If the issue of your garage door getting stuck continues to be neglected, it may become something you’d have to deal with for the rest of your life, which is inconvenient in every sense of the word.

A proper garage door helps your entire household to function properly. You will be functioning properly as well. Having a garage door that opens and closes promptly allows you to experience no delays when going to work or doing your errands, such as taking the kids to school. If your garage gets faulty at an inconvenient time, you may have to call off going to work because your door needs immediate attention. When you are not able to take your vehicle out of the garage on time, the consequences are absolutely a big hassle to your routine and schedule.

7. A well-functioning garage door adds value to your home.

Homes are major investments, and people are always looking for ways to increase the value of their homes. Before polishing the design and aesthetics of your home, make sure that everything is functioning properly. Crucial to the convenience and efficiency of a home is a well-maintained and properly functioning garage door.

A garage door is something people use every day, and they want a hassle-free experience when using this equipment. If you are thinking of selling your home, know that buyers will surely look at the garage door to see if it is maintained. They would want a home that will not give them headaches, so a home with a properly functioning garage door is crucial in getting a good price for your property.

8. A well-functioning garage door can keep you secure during inclement weather.

The garage door is part of the external barrier of your home, thus it is crucial in keeping the weather and elements out of your humble abode. If your garage door doesn’t close properly and your area is met with a storm or hurricane, debris may enter your garage and your home, destroying your car and other possessions. If your garage door is not secured tightly, strong hurricanes can remove the garage door, putting your entire home at risk.
A well-functioning garage door can keep you secure during inclement weather.
Making sure that the garage door is in good condition, especially when there is an impending natural disaster, will make sure that your life and your possessions will be safe and secure.

9. A well-maintained garage door doesn’t make annoying noises.

Over time, you may notice that your garage door is sounding a little squeaky. This sound especially happens if your garage door is not maintained properly. The reason for this could be that certain parts of your garage door, such as metal hardware, are stuck. This is a common problem with aging garage doors. The sound can seem troublesome, but it has a simple solution that even yourself can perform–lubrication. Try applying some lubricant directly on the squeaky part, and the noises should stop, and the joints of your garage door will slide and contract more seamlessly.

10. Do regular repairs and maintenance of your garage door to maintain its good looks.

Rust will form on your garage door eventually because it is made of metal,which doesn’t only affect the closing and opening of your garage door but is unsightly as well.

Rust also attracts dirt and makes your garage door more vulnerable to abuse from the elements. Rust forms when the metal gets exposed to air and water for a long period of time, and since your garage door is outside, it will be susceptible to wear and tear from the said elements.

Removing rust off of your garage door is pretty easy, and this is something you can do yourself on a weekend. First, clean the area with a mild solution of dishwashing soap. After this, rub the rust with a cloth with vinegar. Vinegar will dissolve the rust. Once the rust falls away, you can sand the area where rust formed.

If it isn’t against the warranty of your garage door, you can apply a primer and paint your garage, too.

11. If your garage door is made of wood, regular inspection and repair will keep it from warping.

If your garage door is made of wood, it may warp over time. Warped wood means that the wood has sagged or has been deformed. Wood warps because it expands and contracts due to changes in temperature. If your wooden garage door is warped, it may stop working and only close or open partially.

What you can do is install tension rods that can keep the wood straight and firm. Do this on the inner side of the door to form an “X”. For very old wooden garage doors, the tension rods must be put in place even before the doors get damaged. If your current door is already warped, it is not too late. The tension rods will help align and straighten it in time.

12. Regular repairs and inspection can help make sure that your garage door is in tip-top shape.

Regularly inspecting your garage door and its surrounding areas can help you know if there are parts that need to get replaced.
Regular repairs and inspection can help make sure that your garage door is in tip-top shape.
For example, the weather seal is a necessary part of your garage door because it helps keep the street noises out, and also keeps elements, such as rain, snow and insects, from entering the opening between the bottom of your garage door and the floor. Over time, the weather sealant can become cracked and have seams. In this case, you need to replace it.

Weather seals are inexpensive, but they can do so much to maintain the structural integrity of your garage door. If you live in an area with harsher weather conditions, you may have to replace your weather sealants more often compared to those who live in places with milder weather conditions.

Final Thoughts

The garage door is essential in the functioning of a home. A well-maintained garage door keeps you headache-free and saves you time. More importantly, a garage door that is working properly increases the value of your home. Painting it and examining areas where rust has formed keep your garage door good-looking and make the overall curb appeal of your home attractive.

Doing regular maintenance of your garage door eventually saves you money because you wouldn’t have to spend on expensive repairs. Do not neglect your garage door because you use it everyday. The garage is a busy and vital area of your home. You need to be able to get your car in and out of the house with as little hassle as possible so you can go on with your day effortlessly and conveniently.