Concrete cutting with precision is a must if you want your work to be outstanding and appreciated.  Concrete cutting Melbourne knows the tricky part in cutting concrete is having a perfect line. You want to be sure that all the edges are straight and at the same level.  This takes a lot of skill and precision, but it can be done with great results if you know how to set things up before starting working. This post will discuss some of the most common tips for successful concrete cutting with precision in mind.

Choose the right type of blade for each area you’re cutting.

 A thin blade like a chisel will allow you to pierce through the surface layer of concrete. A blade with a larger side-to-side motion, such as a saber, is great for removing large amounts of concrete at once. If you need to cut an area with rebar, use a diamond-coated blade with small teeth on it, the less space between each tooth, the better. You can also use grinding bits or broached carbide cutters for this task.

Upkeep of Blades

Regardless of what type of blade you’re using, make sure that it is clean and free of rust. If rust builds upon the blade, the grinding action will remove more metal than necessary from the tool. This can result in a significant loss of money and time spent on your cut. The best way to ensure your blade stays in good condition is to wash it with soap before every use and leave it out to dry when you’re finished working with it. Most blades last for about an hour underwater during cement cutting. When you need to replace your blade, do so immediately, do not allow old blades to sit around unused for long periods before replacement.

Good Collection of Blades

Keep in mind that you may have to switch out the type of blade you’re using at different depths of concrete cutting. You can use materials like steel and carbide instead of expensive diamond blades if you need a blade for a long period, and these materials may be able to withstand the heat produced by your concrete cutting machine.

.Also, you may want to consider replacing the blade if it is very old or rusty. Most diamond blades last about one hour submerged in water, so it’s important to have a newer, better-quality blade if you’re going to need it for a long period.  If you’re using an electric grinder, keep in mind that these cutting blades are extremely sensitive and should be handled carefully, you may want to wear gloves or goggles.

Get the Timing Right

There is always a  perfect time during the process of grinding to begin making your cut. It’s important to know the tricks behind concrete cutting, like the fact that it’s better to make a partial cut and then come back to finish it than to try and finish the entire thing in one go.

You should never have any more than a ¼” gap when you’re cutting through concrete and should make sure that you overlap your cuts by at least an inch. With rebar, you may want to wait a little bit longer than other types of concrete before beginning your cut. The right timing will help ensure a perfect cut every time and help your blades last between uses.

Choose the Right Safety Equipment

Make sure that you’re always working with the right safety gear when cutting concrete. Of course, you can never be too careful, so make sure that you know what the inherent risks are for your particular job. For example, you might want to wear goggles during certain parts of the process to protect your eyes from debris produced by crumbling concrete or dust left behind to ensure a perfect cut and keep yourself in good health.

Have an Accurate Layout of The Area You’re Cutting.

Make sure you set up your layout so that it’s as easy for you to get the saw blade back to a spot with concrete and avoid cutting off any completed sections of your layout. Also, remember that the saw can’t cut through thick concrete sections, so make sure you leave enough room for cuts to meet. Make frequent and deep chip removal cuts. The more space you leave for chip removal cuts around your layout, the better your saw blade will be able to guide itself around your layout.

When you’re working with concrete cutting, it’s important to make sure that you know how to avoid the numerous mistakes that can be made and keep yourself in the right headspace. Concrete is a unique type of material. It must be cut at just the right time with the right type of equipment. You should never rush your project and should make sure you’re always investing the time to do the right things. The tips in this article will help you avoid the most common concrete cutting mistakes.