If you’re planning to improve your house or build a new one this year, you might want to consider a few modern house exterior designs. Incorporating such ideas into your home will create a sense of beauty. But which modern exterior house designs reward most?

The good news is, there are countless home design ideas to make your house exterior look impressive. In this guide, we explore the top modern exterior house designs to transform your home. You’ll also learn all the features of modern house designs.

Features of Modern House Designs

Modern house designs are becoming increasingly popular, and there are many options available. It’s not hard to make your home look modern – even on a budget.

Here are the general features of modern home designs.

  • Open Floor Plans: It’s a key feature in all modern house designs. It emphasizes a sprawling space with limited use of walls to cover sections of the house.
  • Connected Outdoor Spaces: The outdoor spaces connect and integrate into the indoor spaces, which opens up entirely.
  • Flat Rooftops: While most houses have sloping rooftops to encourage drainage, modern homes minimalize the slopes to make the roofing look smart.
  • Large Glass Windows: Modern homes usually have large glass windows, which brings out a contemporary look. That makes the house exterior more appealing.
  • Geometric Designs: Most modern homes feature geometric touches, such as rectangular shapes in their design.

Best Modern House Exterior Designs to Consider

If you want to make your house look modern like the ones featured in this article, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll share with you a few ideas to make your home look the way you want it. Here the modern house exterior designs to consider.

1. Adding a Modern Balcony

Installing a modern balcony to your house will improve your home façade and heighten your outdoor enjoyment. Add glass railings on the balcony to enjoy a spectacular view of the surroundings while sitting on a comfy seat on the balcony.

There are many ways to make your modern balcony look stylish. For instance, you can incorporate a generous mix of luscious greens and bright whites in an enclosed balcony for a stylish makeover. You could also add a prefabricated aluminum balcony.

2. Incorporating Modern Window Designs

Several modern window designs can complement your house’s exterior design. In most cases, modern homes use large window glasses with aluminum framings. But some homeowners can creatively utilize wood framings in place of aluminum.

To create a more attractive exterior view of your modern house, you can add moldings around the windows. If you want more natural light, consider installing large windows. Many modern homes use wide windows to allow more natural light in the house.

3. Integrating Greeneries into Your Home

Planting several greeneries in your compound will add curb appeal to your home. You can grow a few creeping fern drapes in the front yard and potted green plants on the entry points. Also, consider planting the greeneries along walkways in your home.

Another way to integrate greeneries into your home is by creating a planted wall pattern. How do you do that? Establish your preferred pattern using wires tightened with nails or hooks to the walls. Then plant vines to grow along the wires installed.

4. Building Your Home in a Forest Setting

You must not necessarily build a modern house in the city. You can set it in a beautiful forest glade that’s full of white cherry blossoms. Also, plant a few willow trees to create a sense of softness and a thriving green space in your yard.

To match the modern house style with the forest setting, craft part of the house with wood. Adding a wooden balcony is an excellent way to achieve that. You can also add a bench railing design that integrates the deck seating and guard rails in a single piece.

5. Installing Modern Swimming Pools

Another excellent way to make your modern house exterior more appealing is by adding modern pools in your backyard. A good pool should mimic your home exterior’s shape. Notably, there are two types of modern pools, namely naturalistic and architectural.

Architectural pool designs usually complement the architectural style of a house. In many cases, they have more geometric shapes or formal lines. Conversely, naturalistic pools are nature-inspired and take more freeform shapes and themed landscaping.

6. Adding Green Rooftop Gardens

If you love nature, you can bring it to your modern house by installing rooftop gardens. The good news is that green rooftops are modern and eco-friendly. Plant a few palm trees, vines, and flowers on the rooftop to make your house exterior more attractive.

What are the other benefits of green rooftop gardens? Green roofs reduce heating and cooling costs, creating a more eco-friendlier and comfortable house. The gardens help to improve your house insulation and create a more pleasant environment.

7. Adding Beautiful Espaliers

Training a few trees into espaliers on your home’s exterior walls is another great way to add beauty to your modern house. It adds a formal touch to your garden and helps to save planting space. You can buy trees staked as espaliers or train some yourself.

If you intend to train the espaliers by yourself, plant the trees against your exterior walls and install trellising, which will support the espalier structures. Pull the lateral branches gently into straight, horizontal lines, attaching them onto the trellising.

8. Landscaping Your Modern Home

Landscaping can also play a significant role in your modern house exterior design. You can have a small modern shade courtyard landscaping and install a fire pit at the center to make it look more fantastic. Also, add a few sitting areas, including a built-in bench.

Another modern house landscaping idea to consider is planting a few colorful plants and conifers in your yard. Also, adding stone sculptures will create an overwhelming exterior design. You can even install water fountains in your home to make it more fantastic.

Final Words

Now that you know some modern house exterior designs, you can transform your home into a modern one. Ensure that your home has a few greeneries, modern window designs, modern swimming pools, elegant espaliers, and modern balconies. Installing all these features can be relatively costly. So, ensure that you budget accurately.