Today’s work environment focuses on comfort that encourages productivity. A standing desk helps you achieve a modern office set-up and successfully fights the sitting epidemic. Spending considerable work time on your feet keeps your energy levels high and, in turn, makes you more productive.

A potential standing desk’s sophisticated features, price, warranty provision, and return policy must influence your buying decision. Online stores like offer ultra-stylish upright contraptions. These handcrafted and functional desks contribute to practical home office furniture. 

Standing Desk Trends

Considering the introduction of a standing desk to your modern office space at home is a rewarding step forward. It is a welcome shift from spending hours sitting and working, which often invites neck, shoulder, and back pains. 

Standing desks encourage a healthier lifestyle and safeguard you from the physical discomfort you experience when sitting for long stretches. The attractive features of this highly recommended working provision make it much sought after by health-conscious professionals. Latest standing desk trends include:

Studio Desk

Fully collapsible and easy to assemble, a range of studio desks are the brainchild of design-infused minds. This workspace comprises nine pieces that you can slot together in minutes without using tools, screws, or bolts. 

The desk made either with a clear-coated water-based finish or raw birch contributes to its stylish look. You can place your device on the raised shelf that is 1234mm above floor level. Cable management provisions and removable hooks for your headphone are added incentives to invest in this masterpiece.

Table Top

If accommodating a full-fledged standing desk at home is a challenge for you, the tabletop version comes to your rescue. You can place this lightweight unit on your dining table during your working hours and relocate it when eating. This model is also fully collapsible, and its five components you can assemble in less than a minute.

Without using any tools like screws and bolts, you can slot together its sturdy parts that include two shelves. The slot options allow you to adjust the height of both these shelves for added comfort. On the topmost shelf, you can place your monitor while positioning your keyboard on the lower one. 

Extra Deep Monitor Shelf

This extra deep shelf caters to monitors that lean forward more than usual. You can procure this accessory separately and attach it to your tabletop standing desk. By propping your forward-leaning monitor on this shelf with depth, you can set back your screen adequately to work comfortably on it while standing. 

Dual Monitor Shelf

When you need to operate two monitors simultaneously, you can source the double-width shelf for your tabletop unit. This dual monitor shelf makes placing both your monitors at eye level so much more achievable. It includes an additional brace piece that limits the movement of heavier monitors. 

Access convenient work from home solutions made from a sustainable material and involving slot together assembly. Choosing an online dealer who diverts 1% of all sales to a charitable cause is worth considering.