Do you ever feel like your home is overflowing with belongings? Or do you find yourself looking for new ways to organise items on a regular basis, unsure of how to make the most of your storage space?  

Create the storage space of your dreams, in this article we will give you some handy tips and advice on what you can do to utilise the storage space in your home, even if you don’t think you have any. You will be amazed at what areas in your house you can utilise and create a beautiful aesthetically pleasing while also functional storage space for your home.  

Find our handy tips below!  


Before you can start organising, you need to start decluttering. Take everything out of your storage area and give it a thorough inspection. Is there something you should donate, give away, or sell to make some extra money? 

Most storage areas, whether in the attic, basement, garage, or simply a wardrobe, end up containing a mix of seasonal items (sports equipment, cold or warm weather gear, suitcases, Christmas decorations, home décor, and repair items), as well as items we just can’t part with (unfinished craft projects, baby clothes and toys, and things that, though useful, are no longer usable). 

Seasonal products and travel needs should all be kept on hand… What about the rest of it, though? Are they even worth the room they take up? 

“But it could be worth something someday…” is another phrase we often hear. Although we’ve all seen the moment on Antiques Roadshow when someone’s coin collection turns out to be a goldmine, most of the time it’s not worth the storage space it consumes.


Look at the space you have and try to imagine that space around you in a different way, often when you have lived in a space for a long time, we come to overlook details and potentially missed opportunity for great storage solutions. A great way to look at your room in a new light is to look on Pinterest to see what other people have done with their space. Try searching for terms like small storage space or unique storage spaces/ solutions and see what you could apply to your own space. 

Perhaps they are using smarter ways to furnish their rooms? Have you ever thought about having a couch with storage space under the seats or arms? Perhaps that is the perfect solution to store your extra bedding, blankets, wrapping paper or children’s toys?  

Have a lot of books but don’t have the wall space for a bookshelf? Why not get yourself a bookshelf chair and kill two birds with one stone? 

These are just some of our examples of how using the right furniture for you can create the perfect storage solutions.  

Evaluate your space

Now that you have decided what furniture is best for your room, what space does that leave you? Has it opened up some more wall space? Had a cupboard now become free storage or a shelf perhaps?  

Now always remember that just because you now have a clear space does not mean you now have to fill it. There is no rule that says that you must fill every corner of your house with things. You are allowed to have an empty draw or cupboard if that is what works for you or perhaps you can use an empty draw to organise an overflowing draw somewhere else, perhaps you have an abundance of cutlery and utensils? why not use the two draws to help better organise what you have so you are able to clearly see what you do have and ultimately save you time and energy trying to find the potato masher hidden at the bottom of the draw.  

Look Up

If you are still needing storage space for your items why not try looking up. Do you have good head height in your house, and can you utilise that to your advantage? Why not try adding shelves to the alcoves around the fireplace? Or even build a custom build storage unit to show off your collectables and give them pride of place in your home. You could even go all out and add a rolling ladder for functionality to reach the top and impress your guests.  

Continuing to look up do you have space on top of your fridge or kitchen cabinets? Then why not utilise that space? We don’t mean throw everything up there but use it to store cereal or something else relevant to that area of your home. 

 Find yourself the perfect storage boxes or baskets, for above the cupboards, something that not only fits the space perfectly but also looks great and matches the theme of your kitchen. You can store anything you want there. It is best to keep items that you won’t need to get down on a regular basis, with a handy pair of step ladders or a step stool for the kitchen you can get them down with no problem at all. 

Loft Space

Perhaps you don’t need to use the space above your fridge and kitchen cabinets as you have a loft space that you can utilise and store precious or not in season items? Getting items from the loft can seem a little dangerous at times if you are balancing on a step ladder. The number one piece of advice that we have for you in this instance is to buy yourself a good quality loft ladder that will make you feel safe and secure and allow you to utilise your storage space to the best of your abilities. We would also recommend that any items that you do plan on keeping up in the loft are put into airtight containers especially if they are paper products or clothes to ensure that there is no chance of any damp or mould damage.  


Utilising the space you have around you can be incredibly rewarding and help massively in your day-to-day life to help you think clearly and find your items quickly. We hope the tips and advice we have been able to give you in today’s article have been useful and you are able to take away sections to use in your own homes!