Indulging in outdoor activities is one of the best ways to spend your time leisurely after long working hours. For instance, you can sit on your patio while drinking. To your liking, you can even go camping in your backyard. Basically, the goal is to immerse yourself outdoors and enjoy the peaceful night ambiance.

But then again, doing these activities might seem fun until the cold night air bothers you. And despite covering yourself in layers of clothes, the cold might still leave you shivering. Fortunately, there is a way you can do to fight this cold. And that is through using reliable outdoor heaters.

From infrared heating panels to wall-mounted models, you should find an outdoor heater that’ll spare you from shivering in the cold. Get to know more about these outdoor heaters below!

What is an Outdoor Heater?

An outdoor heater or patio heater is a heating device that’s specifically designed to provide heating to outdoor areas. Outdoor heaters are generally bigger than their indoor counterparts since they’re made to burn hotter and run at higher temperatures. Outdoor heaters come in various types, sizes, colors, and purposes, ensuring that there’s a model that’ll best suit your needs and preferences.

How Does an Outdoor Heater Work?

When you spend your time outdoors, you might think of making a bonfire as it gets cold. But if you don’t have enough space for a bonfire, setting one up can risk your safety and property. Furthermore, bonfires can also be a hassle to set up.

With that said, this is where outdoor heaters come in handy. After all, outdoor heaters simply use electricity or gas to produce heat. And through radiant heating, a particular material in the heater’s mechanism is heated up.

The heat produced by the device is then spread throughout the room with the help of electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic waves spread as far as they can, allowing you to feel the warmth from an outdoor heater despite sitting in a far part of the said area.

List of Outdoor Heaters You Can Choose For Your Home

Are you interested in getting yourself an excellent outdoor heater for your home? If you are, here is a list of outdoor heaters you can check out below! Here they are:

Infrared Space Heater: Highly Recommended for Large Outdoor Spaces 

An infrared heating panel or space heater is an outdoor heater that’s made to warm up larger areas and shielded spaces, such as your home’s terrace or patio. Infrared space heaters utilize infrared light to emit energy in a straight direction as it spreads out.

Moreover, thanks to their high surface temperature capabilities, infrared space heaters works effectively for bigger rooms faster. So, if you own a much larger outdoor infrared heating panels are the way to go. Just fire them up, and they’ll warm your massive outdoor space in no time!

Wall-Mounted Outdoor Heater: A Space-Saving Outdoor Heater

Is space your primary concern? Don’t worry. If you’re worried you won’t have enough space for your outdoor heater, you can rely on wall-mounted models. And as the name suggests, the idea of this heater is it is attached to a wall. So, thanks to the way they’re installed, they won’t consume a lot of space in your patio or outdoor space.

Wall-mounted outdoor heaters can either use gas or electricity. Gas-based heaters are highly preferred due to their excellent heat output and their beautiful classic look. Meanwhile, outdoor electric models are chosen due to their flexibility and affordability. The choice is all yours.

Smart Infrared Outdoor Heater: A Smart Option for Smart Homes 

Are you looking for a heater model that’ll go well with your smart home? A Smart Infrared Outdoor Heater is your best bet. Smart models often come with a vast selection of smart controls, including fantastic WiFi connectivity.

Others could even be linked to the manufacturer’s designated app for the model. But what you may like the most about smart infrared outdoor heaters is their inclusion of a timer, allowing you to set a time to fire up your heater.

Wrapping Up

With the help of these outdoor heaters, you can now stay outside without worrying about the cold weather. And that means you can now conduct outdoor activities without the fear of freezing! And thanks to a wide variety of outdoor heaters, you can go ahead and choose the model that works for your home.