The interior designing trends this year are a beautiful amalgamation of transitional designs and modern sustainable elegance. These designs reek of eco-friendly materials, individuality, and uniqueness, as observed by various home decor companies like Huntley + Co

Colours that were never envisioned before to go together are now dominating homes in the urban setting. As people have become accustomed to their homes again, they bring in their creativity and warmth to the interiors. While every home has its unique design, some common trends will dominate the year 2021.

Rustic Vogue Interiors

The Rustic vogue is a modern and more sophisticated take on cottagecore, which instantly became a crowd-favourite. This is especially enticing for people who love the conventional home styling but with a little character. If your home has certain intriguing features like original floorboards, panelled walls, exposed beams, etc., this interior design theme is perfect for you. 

This style’s unique character lies in harmony created between old and new pieces that work together in sync. Reclaimed wood is the key material that you can use to recreate this design, along with individual pieces that showcase unique texture and a grainy surface. 

Yellow and Grey Combination

Companies like Huntley + Co also observed the combination of pale grey and ultimate grey endowed walls of many homes. These two colours are distinct and do not merge. Hence, their combination depicts how two very different elements can co-exist harmoniously. The combination is not just a home decor theme but also an important message for the world to acknowledge. 

Cottagecore Style

The Cottagecore theme brings out the feeling of warmth, comfort, and nostalgia in your home. This theme resonates with how people felt during the pandemic because of a lack of interaction with the outside world. When you feel lonely, you need warmth and a feeling of familiarity, which this theme successfully emits. 

Hence, it was a preferred style among many people and is still a popular theme in 2021. This style of simplicity can be mixed with glamour and elegance to provide a different character to your home. 

Vintage Decor

A vintage scheme is defined using antique, repurposed, traditional, old, and retro pieces. Rather than invading your home with intense colours and pieces which stand-out, it would help if you went for a less-is-more approach. This trend is also making its way to the mainstream in 2021 by bringing comfort, cosiness, and spirit to homes.

Contemporary Country Setting

The style slowly seeping through various homes is a unique influx of Amber tones, mellow woody prints, and intriguing embroidery patterns. Playing with and mixing different textures to bring a feeling of belonging to your home. Folksy prints and patterns of muted colours make for a modern and yet, contemporary country setting. 

Home styling trends are always in the state of transition because of the ever-changing mindset of people. People are also prioritising sustainable living by using eco-friendly materials in their home interiors. Home decor companies like Huntley + Co have observed various popular trends among the common public in 2021. These trends include cottagecore, rustic vogue, a combination of distinct colours, etc.