In Keller, the home prices have gone up by 20.6% over the past year, to a value of $560k, making the Texas suburb a hot pick among potential homebuyers. 

But, Keller lies in a hail-prone region, making roof damages a stern concern for its residents. Thus, it is best to consult top experts in Keller roofing. They offer fast repair services with the newest roofing material and installation technology, thus ensuring your roof quality remains intact. 

Here’s what these specialists consider as the causes of roof damages in Keller and how they can help restore your roof.

A Poorly Maintained Roof

On average, Keller receives 39 inches of rain every year, higher than the national average of 38 inches. With such heavy rainfall, it is most likely for the rain to stagnate on your roof. Experts suggest the standing water can lead to roof leaks, causing potential damage to your entire home if left unattended.

Top consultants offer free roof inspection to assess the damages to your roof and handle its maintenance work. They perform the required repairs, which will prevent minor concerns from causing further damage.

Roof Damages Due to Strong Winds

In July 2020, Keller reported heavy winds and hazards, including 60 mph wind gusts, that could cause potential damage to roofs.

Top roof experts cite such heavy winds as a reason for roof damages. Even a slight wind can loosen the nails, making your roof prone to irreparable damages. And when you live in Keller, which often experiences strong winds, it is most likely that your roof may lose its roofing materials. 

Leading experts in Keller roofing check your roof and insulation to ensure a roof, well-secured to the roof deck. They look for loose parts and missing material to provide the appropriate storm damage repair services.

Roof Damages Due to Hailstorms

In April this year, giant hail and strong winds struck parts of Texas, with the biggest hailstorm reported from Keller, at 3.25″.

Over time, your roof will repeatedly get exposed to such weather conditions. So, after a hailstorm, you may have to get your roof checked for potential damages due to hails, which may otherwise lead to other severe issues requiring expensive repairs.

Reputed professionals in Keller offer free, no-obligation roof inspection to detail the required hail damage repairs. They work with your insurance company to plan the final action items, thus helping you with your insurance claims and getting your roof fixed.

Roof Damages Due to Pollutants and Chemicals

The manufacturing sector ranks as the most common industry in Keller, TX, employing nearly 3k workers. On the other hand, the suburb has a moderate AQI of 71.

Experts believe that such pollution levels from industrial areas can affect your roofing material over time.

They inspect your roofing material for even minor damages, and according to the extent of the damage, they either perform re-roofing or roofing replacement to solve the issues.

Consult an Expert

This year, Keller has a Hail Risk Score of 5, with 39 hail reports within 10 miles from the city center.

When you reside in such an area, reach out to a roofing expert to understand the root causes of your roof damages. With their advanced services, they will ensure your roof is well-maintained and secure for years together.