A sunroom frequently called a solarium and sometimes a “Florida room,” “sun parlor,” “sun porch,” “garden room,” “patio room,” or “winter garden” are a standard piece in Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America. Sunrooms let us comfortably stay indoors while still enjoying the outdoors and the view outside. It is no surprise then that their storied past has seen the evolution of these valuable structures from simple extensions to ever more technologically-inspired intricate pieces of beauty, with owners always on the lookout for novel ideas to make their sunrooms as cozy and as comfortable as possible.

Sunroom decorating ideas

Today, sunrooms come in various designs as owners seek to complement their decors’ appearance with the most appealing aesthetics. Generally, sunroom décor is best selected according to the functions for which they are designed. Another critical consideration is the wear and tear, with most sunrooms exposed to the elements of weather. Regardless of such and any other considerations, the following are time-tested and proven décor ideas for your sunroom.

Bring the plants in!

Like a greenhouse, sunrooms are ideal for growing a variety of plants. With your sunroom now being one of your house’s brightest areas, you may need to brighten it further by bringing in plants to add to its beauty, bring a breath of fresh air, and make it livelier. Furthermore, there’s virtually no limit to the type and number of plants that you can bring in to give it a new lease of life into your sunroom. You can go for big plants, unruly snake plants, trailing ivy or spider plants that don’t seem to fit anywhere else. They could also be water lovers, succulents, or small garden herbs. Additionally, you can experiment by placing your plants at various sections of your sunroom. You may hang them from the ceiling, put them in vases and place them on the tables, or start a mini-garden in the corner.

Table fountain

Now that you have some sunshine and plants, it is only natural that you add a little bit of water to the scene. A small table fountain addition can easily do this, adding white noise to the background and a gleaming visual element to your sunroom. Here again, you are spoilt for choice. You can either go for a simple or luxurious table fountain or anything in between. If you have any more doubts, you can visit our website and learn more information.

Throw in wicker, cushions, draperies, rugs, textiles… and more

There is something beautifully old-fashioned about a sunroom that makes wicker furniture ideal for complementing that lovely classic feel. Wickers also give that indoors-meets-outdoors feeling that never seems to go wrong besides its sustainability and durability.

The good thing with wicker is that you can always add a bit of stylishness to it by bringing in comfy cushions. If wicker is not your thing, you can always opt for upholstered sofas, comfy chairs, and some of your favorite décor pieces and turn your sunroom into a fancy second sitting room.

Draperies and rugs also help add color and brighten up a sunroom. From sheer panels to room-darkening curtains to blinds, these accessories are always great design enhancers and incredibly functional. You may also want to bring in a rug for more design and floor protection.

Add some color

Most sunrooms are reflections of the rest of their owners’ houses. You don’t have to fall into this bandwagon. Sometimes all you need to do to shake things up is paint the walls electric blue or a cozy yellow to add to the richness of your sunroom’s color scheme. You can also experiment with wallpaper if you want a new look without the permanence of paint.

Let there be light

Adding more natural sunlight to your sunroom can just be the icing on the cake! Consider glass doors, transom windows, and skylights that allow you to monitor the sun as it makes its way across the sky.

If the sunlight is too strong, consider putting up ghost glass, white gauze or muslin curtains to mute its glare into a soft, comfortable glow. You can also decorate your windows with stencils, glass wax, and even glow-in-the-dark stars for the kids!

Use multipurpose furniture that suits the use of the space.

After designing your sunroom and putting it up, you need to find durable furniture that fits its purpose and space. While the typical furniture for many sunrooms is a table and maybe a chair, consider adding stand-alone or built-in corner benches and built-in bookcases that fold back into the wall. Outfitted with cushions and decorative pillows, these cabinets add to the visual appeal of your room and provide extra storage space.

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