Balustrades can be an essential safety feature or purely decorative, it depends on where they are located. Of course, in most cases they need to fulfill both roles, there are examples of stunning balustrades doing this dating through all periods of history

Why You Need Balustrades

The most basic reason is safety. A balustrade is the edging of any high platform; it prevents people from accidentally stepping off the edge and hurting, or even killing, themselves. 

Traditionally they have been used around staircases and balconies, but there are many other places they can be employed. Of course, they are also decorative but their primary role s safety.

The balustrade prevents an accident that could otherwise cripple you financially and emotionally.

In fact, there are many different types of balustrade worth considering.


This is the traditional approach to balustrades. You’ll see them around sweeping staircases, alongside swimming pools that were built years ago, and even at the side of impressive gardens.

These balustrades are created on-site by skilled craftspeople. They’ll need to create the concrete and shape it to ensure it sets in the right way, creating intricate patterns that elevate the look of the area.


A more modern approach is glass balustrades. These are a great idea for any area that has a good view. For example, your bedroom balcony that looks over rolling hills. A solid balustrade will eliminate the view, running the balcony experience for you. But, a glass balcony will allow you to relax in safety and still enjoy your surroundings. 

Glass balustrades are also popular around swimming pools as they allow visibility. This is particularly important if you have children that will enjoy playing in the pool but you want to keep an eye on them. You’ll find that many states insist on a balustrade around your pool, making the glass balustrade your best option. 

You should note that glass is fully recyclable, allowing you to help the environment while enjoying your balustrade. Check out glass balustrade cost and see why it’ll make a good balustrade.


Wood is another traditional option but generally cheaper than concrete. Modern balustrades are made with reclaimed wood or from trees that have been replaced when harvested. This makes it an environmentally friendly option.

Wood can be easily created into a variety of different shapes and structures, giving you a unique balustrade that complements the surroundings. Of course, wood does require more maintenance than glass or concrete to keep it looking good. 


Another popular option throughout the ages is metal. This is made from a molten liquid and can be created in virtually any shape you like. It is very strong which makes it a good safety barrier. You’ll normally find this type of balustrade is staggered to create gaps. These are not big enough for people to get through but allow light into an area and still provide you with a view.

Of course, metal can rust. You’ll either need to choose stainless steel or be prepared to look after your balustrade, regular inspections, cleaning, and touching up are essential to extend their life.