If you are thinking of selling your home, especially if this is your first time, there are often pitfalls on the way and you are prone to making very costly mistakes. However, you do not have to cause damage if you are simply well informed. Also, check out this local company who buys houses in Virginia.

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling your home;

As a first time home seller, there could be a lot of underlying factors digging a pit for you. They often revolve around trying to cut costs, being a greenhorn, and your emotions. Below, are ten commonly made mistakes you should avoid while selling your home;

1. Set apart the ego; from the beginning of the sale till legal ownership is transferred to the intending buyer, set apart your ego. This could cloud your judgment and create a chain reaction of other unavoidable mistakes.

2. ASK For help. If this is your first time selling a home or your home for that matter, ask for help from experienced individuals. You can always get information from the net, agreed, but you should still enlist the help of a trusted friend.

3. Be realistic; do not set your price too high, be down to earth. Of course, real estate is a big deal, but then do not chase away potential buyers with an exorbitant price. You shouldn’t also set your price too low, it’s not charity. Your price should be just somewhere in-between, bordering on expensive because there would be negotiations.

4. Be Open; It is never a good idea to hide significant information and/or problems about the home you intend to sell. The problems will be found out by the intending buyer after inspection anyway so be honest. You could also fix some major problems before trying to sell, this will also improve the real estate value.

5. Insurance; There would be a lot of movement around your property with buyers going and coming. You want to ensure you are insured to take care of any damage or accidents that might arise.

6. Keep Your Emotions in Check; your emotions could get in the way of a good sale especially if it’s a family house. Let go of a lot of things as it is going to be the home of the new buyer and not yours now.

7. Never get offended by an offer; of course, your home is worth more than the ridiculous price the buyer is offering, but you shouldn’t get offended and blow away the entire thing. Simply negotiate like a broker in Goldman Sachs.

8. Market Far and Wide; do not employ one marketing technique and abandon the other. Ever heard of the one out of ten rule? From each publicity to ten, one is guaranteed to make inquiries. So, if you are looking to sell your home quickly, what better way to do that than to have an array of buyers

9. Take all your valuables; If you have a property you simply cannot live without or that has been in your family for ages, it is a good idea to take them away and replace them before showing off the place.

10. Be patient and Prepared; The home sale could take longer than expected so you should have a good dose of patience and a lot of aces up your sleeves.


Selling your home could be daunting at first, but with the right information and proper guidance, it could be an enlightening experience. Be patient with the buyers and do not forget to be in control of the negotiation.