Owning your own home is often the pinnacle of one’s achievements. However, with increasing costs of homeownership, it can be out of reach for many. Due to rapidly escalating prices, land shortages, and environmental concerns, many look at alternatives to the traditional bricks and mortar residencies we’re all familiar with. One such alternative is the humble shipping container – yes, that right, the humble shipping crate. You might be surprised to learn that there is an increasing number of people looking to utilize these as raw materials for home builds; just look at this article on how the HOA approves different long use shipping containers to be used as homes, and you’ll see how popular it is. Shipping containers offer a modular and durable set of building blocks from which to develop your home. They can be bought either new or used at a relatively low cost. However, these aren’t the only options for affordable housing. Some people choose to live in caravans, log cabins, or mobile housing. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. Mobile homes can be transported around, for example. There are many Mobile Homes For Sale around the country, some of which are custom built and can be delivered to your door!

Shipping container homes from https://www.containeraddict.com/ are affordable, transportable, and stackable and survive the worst weather conditions mother nature has for us. You can even use reclaimed materials as found at Kedel to save money on a build! They are structurally built to withstand almost anything and in abundant supply almost in every country today—checkout 20 modern shipping container homes for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Modern Shipping Container Homes


Using seven recycled shipping containers







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Houses Made from Shipping Containers

Homes Made From Shipping Containers