With our busy lives, we spend more time at the workplace than at home. Hectic schedules increase our stress levels and exhaust us, so the last thing we need is coming to a home that is cluttered and chaotic.

We’re offering 10 simple tips that will help you turn your home into a peaceful oasis where you can relax and calm down after a busy day.

1.Stay organized

Stay organized
A house filled with clutter can easily make you feel stressed. The first step towards creating a tranquil atmosphere in your home is being organized.

To get rid of all the things lying around the rooms, create extra storage. For instance, boxes are ideal for your kids’ toys, books, school projects, and sports equipment. Adding ottomans in the living room will add extra sitting & storage space. Small storage baskets can be very useful for the bathroom, whereas big ones are perfect for papers and magazines when placed by the sofa.

2.Neutral Colors

Neutral Colors
We all know the effect colors have on the mood. If want to create a more relaxing feel, chose neutral colors like light grey, beige, or creamy ivory instead of white.

Other calming colors include green, blue, lavender, and gold, but since bright colors may have an energizing effect (which is opposite of what we’re going for), it might be wiser to use them as accent colors instead of painting whole walls with them.

Get small items such as rugs, hampers, or coasters in these colors to make the room more playful without overwhelming it.

Find out more about colors and the emotions they evoke before making a final decision.

3.Add Light

Add Light
Nothing affects your mood like natural light. So, open those drapes & shades during the daytime and let more light inside!

Another way to add light in your home is by hanging a mirror across the windows to reflect the natural light.

You can also go for layer lightening. Instead of standard overhead lighting fixtures that might be too bright, use sconces and lamps. Their softer light will definitely create a more relaxing mood.

4.Good Memories

Surround yourself with the objects that are of emotional value, such as family heirlooms and antiques. Hang some photos of your loved ones; they’ll make you smile and brighten your home for sure!

5.Bring Nature to Your Home

Bring Nature to Your Home
Fill the rooms with as many plants as you can and don’t limit yourself to the windowsills. Besides adding a more relaxing feel to the home, houseplants oxygenate and clean the air.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to take proper care of the plants, choose those that don’t require too much attention, like Peace Lily, snake plant, or aloe vera.

Freshly cut flowers also have a soothing effect. They’ll not only make your home more beautiful but will also bring amazing scent.

6.Calming Scents

Scents can evoke a variety of calming emotions. Besides flowers, you can also go for scented candles or diffusers. For instance, cinnamon scents can remind you of celebrating Christmas with your family, whereas coconut can bring back memories from the summer holiday. For a maximum effect, place them beside the bed or in the hallway.

7.Consider Furniture Placement in the Living Room

Consider Furniture Placement in the Living Room
First, determine the focal point in your living room; it can be the big bay window or the fireplace. This will be the place where you’ll locate the furniture. For a more calming feel, create an open flow in the living room. Keep the sofas and armchairs together in a comfortable & intimate setting, making sure they’re facing each other.

Use white or natural colors, as well as soft textures. For extra coziness, toss several cushions on the sofas and keep a blanket nearby (you can keep it in an ottoman or a trunk).

8.Make the Bedroom Cozy

Make the Bedroom Cozy
Adding a simple piece of furniture, such as a chair or recliner, can make the bedroom feel cozier; however, make sure not to create clutter.

Another way to avoid clutter is to use shelves and mounting devices for some of the items in your household, like books or the TV. Keep only the most necessary things on the nightstand, such as a candle, a book, and maybe some flowers. Keep a basket next to the bed for the remote control, magazines, as well as mobile devices. Don’t forget to turn these devices off during the night to ensure an uninterrupted sleep.

Invest in quality sheets with higher thread count. They may be a bit more expensive but they’re softer and last longer. When it comes to the bedding color, go for white or neutral pastels. Adding extra pillows and cushions will make your bed even comfier. If some of your pillows are old, consider replacing them for new, more supporting ones.

9.Create a Relaxation Corner

Create a Relaxation Corner
If space allows, create a special relaxation corner in the house. Use a comfortable couch, chair or a bean bag where you can watch your favorite TV series or read a book. There should be a lamp for proper lightening at night, as well as blankets to keep you warm.

10.Organize the Kitchen

Organize the Kitchen
Even though the kitchen seems like the only room in the house that can never be organized or calm, it is possible to do it with a few simple tricks.

For instance, making sure your kitchenware are in similar colors will calm the space visually. Clean and organize the cupboards from time to time and throw away everything you don’t use or need to open some space. Do the same with the fridge and pantry.

Maintain the countertops well-lit and free of clutter. They’re not a place for newspapers and mail. Same goes for the table. If you remove the clutter, you can use it as an extra prep space and as a place where the family enjoys meals together.

In Conclusion

Most of the above-listed tips can be used for all rooms in the house. They’re proof that a few simple steps can go a long way in turning your home into a harmonious oasis. Do you have any tricks that help you make your home more relaxing?