When creating your custom-made furniture, the choice of colors, materials, and shapes is essential and determines the style of your final project. Although the handle initially has a functional and ergonomic role to ensure the proper use of the furniture, it is also part of an aesthetic logic. It is about the detail, design or classic, which will bring the character, the modernity but also the comfort and the practicality of your arrangement.

The furniture handle from cabinet handle manufacture is a functional element that indicates the style of your furniture. Far from being a detail, this accessory which alone can personalize a banal piece of furniture requires all your attention when choosing.

These 8 tips can help you in choosing the right cabinet handle:

Take into account the technical constraints of your layout: Even before choosing the model or the color of your handle, some technical constraints must be taken into consideration. Indeed, it is first the size, length, and shape of your layout that define the possibilities of handles. To ensure harmony and respect the locations of use, you must choose according to these criteria. To guide you, you can take measurements of your layout and mark the locations provided for the handles. For dressing rooms and sliding facades, remember to take into account the protrusion, i.e. the depth of the handle that must always be less than the spacing between two leaking leaves.

Adapt your handles to the place and use of the furniture: On the other hand, the location and use of the furniture also play a role in your selection of handles. In a house, an apartment or an office, each room needs to have different handle characteristics. For example, in a kitchen or a bathroom you will privilege the practicality of opening and closing, while in a living room or a room, it is the aesthetics and the style which will have to agree with the rest of your interior.

Which style to choose for his furniture handle?

furniture handle
It is often the well-chosen details that sign a successful interior decoration. The choice of the style of the rochehardware furniture will be preponderant for the homogeneity of your room:

Design: Choose stainless steel or aluminum models.
Contemporary: Handles in leather, metal, or wood with a simple design will be the ideal choice.
Classic: Round buttons, or brass or brass handles will sign your classic piece of furniture.
Campaign: The ideal choice will be on the porcelain buttons, and if you prefer the metal, on the handles old metal shells.
Nature: Wood and leather will be perfectly suited to your nature-style furniture.
Discover the different models: Each model has a strong point.

Furniture handle: which material?

Furniture handle1
The range of materials is almost infinite; the choice of a handle corresponding to your furniture will be done according to the style you want to give it:
Metal: Stainless steel, aluminum or brass.
Porcelain, it is most often a doorknob; the fragility of this material does not allow to manufacture a handle in length that would withstand regular stresses.
In wood, they can be contemporary or rustic models.
In leather, it’s one of the latest trends.
Measure center distance: To easily place a new handle in case of renovation, it is imperative to measure the distance between centers. That is to say the gap between the two fixing holes that allows fixing the plate cleanliness.
The dimension of the handles: There are different sizes of handles and all these handles have different dimensions.


So if you want to buy best handle for your furniture it is must to take care of above all above factor. Because If you miss anything it may possible that you will not get quality product.