What young buyers Demand?

The Millennials has emerged as a dominant power in the housing marketplace. According to the NAR’s (National Association Realtor) study of generational housing trends, Generation Y – though born among the 80s and 2000 – comprise the biggest segment of the buyer marketplace (over 35%), ahead of Generation X (over 26%), which covers those born among 65s and 79s.
What young buyers Demand
Together, these two generations current’s young buyers, and broadly speaking, they tend to fall into one or two categories.

There’re a few specific needs that this generation desires that might be different from old generations. To sell a Singapore new launch property towards millennials, read what they consider house must-haves.

Updates kitchen and baths

Currently, the younger generation entertains more in the kitchen, which needs a nice large space. In addition, bathrooms and kitchen are often extremely costly to renovate and change. And young homebuyers often have limited budgets and spend their cash on down payments and furnishing instead of updating, Curtis says.
Updates kitchen and baths

Open Floor Plans

Several young home buyers do not feel the need for a usual dining room. During get together, most people are currently spending their time in the kitchen and usual living room. There’s wish to have more of a flow when they’re entertaining in its place of having rooms sectioned off for specific purposes, Curtis says.

Home office

More than 14 million Americans work from house, according to the most up to date US Census data, and entire the signs point to that trend continuing. That makes a home office vital for several purchasers. Home offices have huge appeal, says Paige, a Realtor with Dave Perry-Miller RE (Real Estate) in the Dallas. Most of the agents will point out6 that room could be utilized as an office or some other flex living space, particularly if it’s presently utilized or staged as a bedroom.

Home offices are just for those who work form house all time, according to Cardillo. As technology rises to make us more mobile, and young buyers have some more options than ever to work from house, all depending on their job, he says. Having to the dedicated area is vital because it’ll help keep them focused and completely concentrated on the job while they’re at home on a video call, planning a presentation, setting up their workday or easily paying bills.

Good location

Young buyers tend to see space differently from their mom and dad, who did not face high gas costs and traffic, says Allison Charlton, MB (managing broker) at North Pacific Properties in Seattle. My younger purchasers look for properties that are in proximity to public transportation and which have a fine waling score, Nicolas says.
Good location
But there’re young buyers, and then there’re buyers with kids. The former group might prefer to be close to the action of the city, while the latter might prefer anything more residential.

Low maintenance

Most young buyers seek homes that are low maintenance, Says Cardillo, of the Home Selling Team of Lou Cardillo. He points out that low up-keep functions such as wood floors (as opposed to rug) and granite countertops are seen as positives for this new generation because they are both good looking and relatively hassle-free.

He says, a generation shift toward a community that is more disposable, where house owners prefer to replace rather than repair. Most young home purchasers grew up watching mom and dad spend weekends with their honey-do lists, or they had jobs to do on the weekends, he says. Younger buyers are not going to follow their (mom and dad) footsteps. They do not want to do that stuff… they wish their weekends to themselves and do not really wish to be cutting grass or cleaning gutters.


A generation ago, purchasers did not care about a home’s technological abilities. Either, it had able hookups or it did not. Now, purchasers wish to know about tech. They wish to hear about wireless internet and service, not wire and telephone. Most young homebuyers laugh at landline telephone, and even if they purchase a home that has a jack, it’s rarely utilized, Cardillo says.

In some cases, a home’s appeal can be boosted or diminished because of the strength of a cell phone carrier’s signal or its web service provider options. While mobile and internet, services are out the home seller’s hands. He says sellers or their agents should be prepared to field quires on that front.
Internet and phone call service matters a lot to this generation, and they are going to ask, so you need to have all the answers, he says.

Energy efficiency

With energy prices on the rise and growing interest in protecting the atmosphere, young purchasers are conscious of purchasing homes that are green. They might not be alone, says Jeff Hyland. Today, not only young buyers but buyers in general, are seeking energy-efficient homes. And if they’re not already set up, then the buyers will often factor those expenses into their budgets so they can do it after the close of escrow.
Energy efficiency

The reality TV effect

Whether or not we admit it, we have entirely seen at least some of the house reality shows on channels such as HGTV and TLC. Those shows can be really informative and fun, but they also do a lot to form the buyer’s expectations. Real estate shows on Television have impacted every buyer on the way they seem at homes, Elliott says. But young purchasers will often comment on how a home is or is not staged.

Keep HOA costs down

Young purchasers tend to acquire caught in a trap gauging the reliability of condos or townhomes, says Charlton from North Pacific Properties. The asking rate often fits their short budgets, but householders association and the possibility of wide assessments can sink the purchase.

Online Photos

Currently, most people are starting their search for a house online. Making sure that the home has professional-looking images is key to capturing the interest of young home buyers. Factors such as angle, lighting and general cleanliness are all vital for an image to come out looking its best.