Architecture is steadily growing in popularity among college programs; it is an ever-changing and fast-paced profession that requires a good understanding of mathematics, a keen eye for detail, and a passion for the building process.

So if you are an upcoming high school graduate in the 2022 year and want to pursue higher education in architecture, stay tuned for a list of the best colleges for architecture in 2022.

Requirements for Admissions

An architecture program is designed to teach students to create homes and office buildings while studying design history and theory. Typically, any architectural program requires high schoolers to take classes such as,

  • Geometry
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Trigonometry
  • Physics

These classes are essential to gaining a greater understanding of the concepts of Architecture. Additionally, most students are recommended to explore electives in drawing, photography, and sculpting to assist with the creation process of building. Colleges may also require a project portfolio demonstrating examples of a student’s work throughout their high school career, including paintings, sketches, painting, and other artistic experiences.

Best Colleges For Architecture

The colleges listed below were ranked the best colleges in 2022 for architecture, in no particular order.

Cornell University

Boasted as the only department that offers a Bachelor of Architecture degree in the Ivy League, Cornell University’s Architecture, Art, and Planning program is the oldest in the United States. Rated in four categories, Cornell’s AAP Program comes in the number one spot in theory, construction methods, design, research, and sustainability.

Admissions requirements are as follows:

  • An interview for every applicant
  • Portfolio: 15-20 slides, two dedicated to the same project.
  • Examples of sketches, freehand drawings, and fully developed pieces
  • SAT/ACT is not required.

Custom Essays

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Syracuse University

This five-year Bachelor in Architecture Program is ranked one of the country’s highest and one of the fourth-oldest programs around. Applicants must adhere to a very competitive application process with an admission rate of about twenty-four percent. While SAT/CT scores are not needed at this time, students, however, must provide a work portfolio and a full admissions application.

The University of Notre Dame

Rated number one by Best Schools for Architecture, College Factual, Notre Dame’s five-year architectural bachelor’s program prepares students for careers in building and conceptualizing architecture. For the admissions process, applicants are required to submit a twelve-image portfolio containing painting and freehand drawing skills through the SlideRoom electronic submission system.

Rice University

Rice University’s architecture program has been rated number one according to 2022 Best Colleges based upon their exceptional admissions, student life, financial aid, and curriculum standards. With only a ten percent admissions rate, this BArch program only accepts high school graduates that were at the top of their class and scored at least in the 98th percentile on SAT/ACTs. Portfolios of work should include a mix of creative skill sets and can be uploaded into their Student Portal on the Admissions page.


These schools are incredibly competitive and push applicants to exhibit their best work with portfolio skills and exceptional test scores. When looking for the best college in 2022 within the architecture field, it is essential to make sure you meet all the admissions requirements in high school to increase your chances of being the best candidate.