Everyone likes to have a nice yard that will look beautiful. Landscaping is an interesting job and it can be really fun. Still, landscaping can become very challenging if your yard has slopes. Most people are unsure what to do with them.

Slopes can be hard to work with. There’s always a possible risk of soil runoff. If your backyard has slopes and you don’t know how to do the landscaping, this guide will help. 

1. Create a stone terrace

If you don’t know what to do with your slopes, take a project and start building a stone terrace. A stone terrace will help you to create a modern environment that will be both pretty and useful. 

Your plants will be safer since they will have their own space, and soil runoff will be stopped. Have in mind that since slope soil doesn’t have the best quality you might need a little extra help.

First of all, make sure that you create a proper climate so that they can grow near the stones. Make any of your retaining wall ideas come to life and enjoy your new yard.

2. Add stairs 

Adding stairs to slopes will look beautiful and help you walk across your backyard. You can also make them out of stone so that they can give that natural vibe. Everything will look cohesive and your landscape will be a perfect view.

3. Create zones

Since slopes are just everywhere in your yard, divided into different sections, try to create spaces for certain areas. You can use one space for an outdoor dining room and another one for an outdoor barbecue.

4. Add a deck

You can add a deck to your backyard that will help you level out a part of the yard and it will be a great gathering place. You and your family can enjoy warm summer days while looking at your beautiful landscape.

5. Make a rock garden

As mentioned, due to the bad soil on slopes, they are not the best for plants. What you can try is creating a stylish rock garden. You could place different rocks on the hill, arranging them to your taste. The more sizes and colors the merrier.

If stones are not your style, plant low-maintenance plants and use compost, fertilizer, or even try out cedar wood planter boxes.

6. Make a waterfall

Hillsides can be great for creating waterfalls. Your yard will look breathtaking and you will enjoy the calming water sounds. Your garden will be a perfect place for relaxation and meditation.

7. Try layering

Layering your slopes will give them a better look and it will help them stand out. You can create various different levels by using bricks. Create different patterns and areas. The backyard will be functional and will have a space that flows together very well. 

8. Make a pond

Making a pond on your hill will be an interesting DIY project for the whole family. Slope ponds can look beautiful but you need to make them carefully. If it’s not leveled you could lose water, so always make sure that you level it.

If you don’t, you can build a dam or a retaining wall. They go on the downward slope side. 

9. Make a fire pit

You can use your slopes to create a natural fire pit that will fit in with your surroundings. Creating a fire pit at the top of your slope will give you a great place to entertain and enjoy your view.

10. Plant a veggie garden

Hillsides can be perfect for planting your vegetables and creating a garden. South sides get the most sun so try to plant your veggies accordingly. You can create them in separate rows so that each row gets enough sunlight and not block it for other plants.

Your vegetable garden will be a great landscaping move and you will be able to enjoy fresh home-grown veggies.

11. Recreate a cliff

If you are looking for a cool cliff directly in your backyard, there’s no need to wait. You can easily replicate it by using different stones and planting various trees. Bushes, colorful plants, and rocks will give out an illusion of your own private cliff.

12. Don’t be afraid to try new things

Try out different styles and see what works for you. Don’t stress because a little effort and a lot of imagination can help you to create the best slope landscape ever.