If you own a house, there’s always one issue which will crop up at some point: the need for more space. Even if the home boasts a large floor space, there’s always that never-ending search for another room, wall, or corner to display and store items.

The good news: there are various different options available for expanding a house. The bad news: these are usually expensive. At least, that is the case for the most part. There are certain approaches you can take that will increase your home’s space without breaking the bank.

If you are operating on a budget but desire more space, here are four affordable methods for expanding your house:

Build a conservatory

A conservatory is a great way of adding living space to your property without spending too much cash. One big advantage of a conservatory is that it can be turned into pretty much anything. It could simply be an extension of your living room, or you might want to use the space for a new kitchen.
Build a conservatory
If you want to save even more money, there are DIY conservatory kits available. Just keep in mind that these are less likely to add value to your home compared to a professional installation.

Utilize the porch as a living area

As an alternative – or extension – of the previous point, a porch can also utilize your outdoor area to create additional space. How? Well, if it’s possible, you could have bifold doors, French doors, or sliding doors, which lead from your kitchen or living room into the garden.

At this point, it is a case of turning the porch into an extension of the room. You might opt to have a comfortable seating area or dining table, for instance.

Create an external building

If you have the available garden space, it’s always worth exploring the possibility of constructing an external building. There’s just one issue with this point: surely, it’s too expensive to be included in an article about affordable methods for expanding your home?

Well, it depends on what route you take.

For example, an easy to assemble Quonset hut kit is inexpensive when it comes to building an external extension. These huts, which are made of steel, offer a large slice of versatility. They can be turned into everything from double garages to barns. They also have the advantage of being easy to construct without the need to hire additional help.

Take a hammer to your internal walls

Take a hammer to your internal walls
At least, that is assuming they’re not load-bearing walls. You don’t want your entire house to collapse for the sake of creating some extra space!

However, knocking down an internal wall or two can be an effective way to give your home that much-needed additional space – and it won’t cost the earth to achieve. If you were to remove the wall between your living room and kitchen, for instance, this will create an open-plan space with additional perks. Not only do you avoid being ‘boxed in’ if a certain room is small, but it could also promote additional natural light getting into your house.