Most Australian homeowners like to invest time and money to improve their living space, which adds comfort and value to the property and there are many ways that you can make your home nicer and more comfortable.

Here are a few home improvement projects that you might like to consider for the coming year.

  1. Replacing the windows & doors – If the windows are made of timber, the frames will eventually need to be replaced and this is the time to choose double or triple glazed windows that are made to measure. Your energy bills will drop considerably when you install double glazing and this would see the value of the property rise.
  2. Build an extension – If you are in need of additional living space, why not build an extension onto the rear of the house? Talk to Scott Electrics in Sydney and they can handle the electrics and connect the extension to the mains. It is important to use similar building materials to blend the build with the existing structure. Of course, as you are extending the perimeters of the building, you will need to obtain planning permission from the state government. 
  3. New driveway – If your old tarmac drive has seen better days, why not go for block paving? This is a permanent solution that is strong enough to park your motorhome on and by choosing two different colours, you can create an awesome pattern. The blocks are square and thicker than stone pavers and when installed correctly, will stand the test of time and the driveway is easy to keep clean. Talk to a local builder about replacing your driveway with block paving and you might be pleasantly surprised at the affordability. Here is an interesting article that highlights how preventative building maintenance saves you money.
  4. Kitchen renovation – The kitchen is the busiest room in the house and as we are approaching the summer, this is the perfect time to plan a kitchen renovation project. Your budget will determine the scope of the project and if you are a DIY enthusiast, you will save a lot of money and enjoy the job satisfaction you get with a job well done.

You still have time to plan a project that could be finished before Xmas and home improvements definitely boost the value of the property. Slowly but surely, you can transform your living space, while increasing the value of your home.