Storms are a constant predator to homes, causing roof storm damages as well as destroying yards. On the bright side, if a twister or hurricane has torn up the yard and roof, you might as well replace it all at once. When everything’s a mess, it’s the perfect time for a remodel. But what should you do to stand out from the crowd?

Buy A Pool

Everybody has wanted to own a pool at one time or another, and what better time to have one built than when the yard is already a mess. There are plenty of designs, lengths, and depths to choose from, and the backyard is a perfect place to put it. The kids will love it, the dog will love it, and, most importantly, you’ll love it. However, purchasing a pool is no small expense. If having an underground pool is outside of your price range, opting to purchase an above-ground one is an optimal alternative. You’ll need some floaties to go with it.

Build A Deck

Another great option when a storm has already ruined your yard, having a deck or patio built will add value and joy to your home. They’re aesthetically pleasing and versatile, providing a great area for barbequing, lounging in the sun, reading a book, or sipping a glass of lemonade on a hot summer day. You’ll need to decide what material to build with, what design to implement, and what color you’d like your deck to be. Purchasing a nice patio furniture set would look great with it, too.

Improve Your Walkway

Is the path leading to your front door plain and boring? Is it hard to find your way inside at night? Consider redoing your walkway by having a path paved and installing lights along the way. There are solar-powered options to keep from having to change batteries or running powerlines underground. You could also lay cement down for a fresh path, or even purchasing stones to strategically place up towards the entrance. Buy some flowers or quaint yard ornaments to spiffy it up as well.

Upgrade Your Landscaping

Maybe you’re ready for a real yard. One of those yards all the neighbors stop to admire on their way to the mailbox. Think about ordering high-quality grass to be laid across your now ravaged yard. Adding some shrubs and hedges or planting a beautiful tree can liven up your yard, and if you want a little extra flair you can have a small pond or a birdbath put in, too. If you’ve got the room after all that, purchasing some large pots and planting a variety of flowers will be the cherry on top.

Closing Thoughts

These are all great options if you’re looking to add some eloquence to your yard. When a storm rolls through and tears it up, that’s the perfect time to try something new–although you don’t have to wait for something to ruin your yard in order to change it. Add some fresh greenery, install a pool, build a deck, or all of the above, they’re all worth it.