Captain cleaning service has been receiving the same question over and over again. We have heard it many times like when we come into someone’s house. After we have completed our job, they sigh with what looks like excitement and victory and say, we have been searching for an excellent service and it took us time to find you. How can we find excellent service regularly?
We answer that you have been looking for the wrong things. If you have certain criteria with you and they are the right ones, you will find good service all the time and we mean, all the time.
So to that, here are factors you should consider when looking for carpet cleaning service.

1. Professionalism


This is something that comes out of the way the company portrays itself. For instance, if they are coming to your house in a neat and organized uniform, they arrive with equipment that you rarely see around and looking at everything they do, you could certainly say you will get professional service, you have chosen right. This is because when a company put the time and effort to brand their vehicles and uniform, they mean business.

Most importantly, after checking their presentation, consider their equipment. With the right tools, they will be able to do an excellent job in less time. This also means they will be able to offer both residential and commercial services. And with the right tools, the final service will be more than perfect.

2. Other added benefits

Before you choose a company, you should ask them all the services they offer. And of course, they should have more to offer than cleaning carpets and rugs. No company should offer that service alone. So when you ask, and they list out other value-added services e.g. carpet repair, you should give them a chance. The more the other services, the better for you and the durability of your carpets.


3. Past testimonials

This is the most important of the list of factors you should consider. If your neighbor could describe how excellent the service she gets from Captain Carpet Cleaners, you are more likely to call us. And that is what past testimonials can do. It gives you proof of a company’s excellence.

To find out about a company’s excellence, you should seek past testimonials about their service. Talk to friends who have used the service before. Or ask them for a recommendation. If you are choosing a carpet cleaning service online, read the comments and feedback people are giving about the company. Part of professionalism means a company should have a Google business page, a Facebook page and other online platforms you can check.

4. Prices

There is a chance that you will be paying more for a company that is well branded and that has better equipment. However, you should look out for affordable prices. The prices should not be outrageous.

The best company will consider low-income earners who want such an excellent service which they offer. What will they do? you might ask. They will break things down and offer different plans for their customer’s convenience. Therefore, you will look at what you can afford and make a good choice, not that you will be turned away totally.

If the prices are too cheap than normal, you should be wary too. This might be a bait to lure you to get poor services.

Also, you should review how they quote their prices. It is likely when you want a specific size of carpet to be cleaned, the company will quote a price. How did they do it? If they quote a price over the phone, you should be wary. The price is likely to be inaccurate because for them to quote correctly, it will be better if they see what to clean physically.

5. Money-back Guarantee

This is the last on the list. It could have fallen under professionalism, but we need space to talk about it. When a company is very confident in what they do, they usually offer a money-back guarantee. They know you are getting nothing less or nothing else than quality and they come with such an offer.

6. Insurance

Well, this is also important. This will ensure you are all protected from treatment risks. If the company is insured, it adds to their level of professionalism and it also ensures you are covered from certain risks. So choose a company with insurance.

In conclusion, these are the factors you should look out for when choosing a company. We hope you don’t have to ask such questions again.