Modern home interiors are characterized by being simple and unadorned. It features the use of natural materials and earthy tones, clean lines, uncluttered spaces, simple yet functional furniture, and a monochromatic color palette. All these create a rustic, minimalistic ambiance that counters warm and cozy.

Despite these, it is possible to achieve a warm and inviting space with the right decorations. Check out these modern-inspired pieces that will warm up your home.

Modern Drapes And Curtains

Modern Drapes And Curtains
Because of the simplicity of modern styling, many homeowners think that they don’t have too many options when it comes to window treatments. Not at all. Just make sure you follow these tips and suggestions when incorporating drapes and curtains in your modern home.

  • Think white. You will never go wrong with these colors. They also perfectly match any modern home interior. White brings coziness to your living space without blocking the sight of the beautiful outdoors against your windows. You can also find white curtains in several different knits.
  • Think bold. Choosing curtains with bold patterns can also add an instant glow to your rather plain and simple space.
  • Consider lighting when choosing the type and amount of drapes. When you don’t require privacy you can go with sheer drapes. But for bathrooms, you should opt for heavy drapes.

Modern Home Accessories

Modern Home Accessories
When it comes to modern home decor accessories, your choices are virtually endless. Among the most popular decorative pieces that are sure to add warmth and comfort to your modern home are:

  • Soulful accessories artworks

Artworks give your home a personal and soulful touch. Achieve a more cozy space by layering textures, incorporating organic shapes and colors, jute and wool rugs, grasscloth wallpaper, and gray paint colors.

  • Modern rustic

Today’s modern-rustic spaces feature a mix of clean lines, natural materials, and textures. Think exposed beams and rafters or a vintage Turkish rug beneath a beautifully upholstered sofa.

  • Soft fabrics

Interior designers recommend offsetting the harsh elements of modern interior design with softer selections. For example, rigid and dark metals can be brightened by open space and soft fabrics. You can also brighten the mood by making use of oversized, slipcovered sofas, plush pillows of varying textures, down-wrapped foam cushions, and an extra cozy seat to snuggle.

Decorative Cushions

Decorative Cushions
Recliner Time advise that decorative cushion covers are an easy way to spruce up your home, sofa or recliner and create a warm and cozy feel. Here are some ways to incorporate cushions in your modern home:

  • Vary textures instead of colors. Since you can’t tweak colors a lot in your modern home, you can play with textures when adding throw pillows, rugs, and cushions. Combining different fabrics (such as wool, silk, cotton, and grid) introduce plenty of visual interest without the mess.
  • Go for a cascade of colors from the same color. Achieve an ombre effect by keeping the fabric or even the material of the pillows the same and varying the colors along a spectrum.
  • Go for an odd number, rather than traditional pairs. A few big pillows look much better than a jumble of small ones. Three or five pillows create a beautiful asymmetry without cluttering your sofa.


Lighting has a significant effect on the mood you are trying to achieve in your home interior. The following are ways to use lighting to create a warm and cozy feel:

  • A double-arm floor lamp that features adjustable shades which can be angled to suit your needs.
  • A brass lamp outfitted with a warm-toned light bulb to spark warmth in a cold room.
  • A retro-style spotlight floor lamp which serves as a focal point.
  • Clustered bulbs to highlight pieces of furniture. Keep it a little farther away from your sofa for a gentler glow.
  • A low-hung pendant bulb instead of a traditional table lamp for your bedroom.
  • A wall-mounted lamp that is angled downward.
  • A quirky floor light that resembles an oversized table lamp.

Wrapping it Up

While modern home interior designs are characterized by simplicity, it doesn’t mean that you can no longer warm it up and make it feel cozier. With the right home accessories, the combination of colors, lighting, and furnishings, you can lift the mood and make your home extra beautiful.