Pests can be a big problem for many homeowners in Kuala Lumpur. They cause allergies, illness and structural damage to your home. The best way to prevent any type of pest infestations is by hiring a professional pest exterminator in Kuala Lumpur.

To prepare for the pest control company’s visit, you need to do some prep work at home. In this blog post, we will go over some things you can do to get your Kuala Lumpur home ready.

1. Move Your Furniture Away From the Walls.

To prepare your Kuala Lumpur home for pest control, you will want to move as much furniture as possible away from the walls. This includes chairs, couches, bookcases, and appliances that are close to the wall. Why?

Pest control companies use sprayers when treating homes in Kuala Lumpur. The closer anything is near where they spray, the more likely the spray will get on it.

By moving your furniture away from the walls, you are not only protecting it by keeping it out of its way but also giving them maximum range with which to work.

2. Cover Open Items

Before the pest control company comes to your Kuala Lumpur home, you will want to cover any open items. This includes computer keyboards, external hard drives and any other items in your home that you don’t want to get sprayed.

When the pest control company comes, they will have to spray around your home in Kuala Lumpur. This includes places you may not even think about such as light fixtures and vents.

By covering these items before the treatment, you are protecting them from being damaged by any mist that comes out of their sprayers.

If there is an item in your home that you cannot cover, such as a TV or refrigerator, make sure to move it away from the wall so they can spray around it.

3. Ensure Your Pest Control Technicians Has Access To All Areas Of Your Home

To properly treat your home, the pest control company needs to have access to all areas of it. This includes doorways and hallways so they can easily get around without having you move anything for them. 

pest control worker lying on floor and spraying pesticides under cabinet in kitchen

If there are any blocked off entrances or exits in your Kuala Lumpur home, make sure that you open them up before their treatment.

In addition to doorways and hallways, be sure the pest control company has access to your attic. If they cannot easily get up there without having you help them, it may lead to a second service call.

By making sure these entrances have no issues before the treatment, you are ensuring that your Kuala Lumpur home is getting treated properly.

If there are any issues with how your home is set up in Kuala Lumpur, such as a staircase that is too small for the pest control company to use, let them know before they arrive so they can account for it during their visit.

By following these steps and preparing your Kuala Lumpur home properly before their arrival, you are ensuring that the pest control treatment is as effective and efficient as possible.

In conclusion, if you want to maintain a pest-free home in Kuala Lumpur it is important that your house gets treated on a regular basis. During each visit from the pest control company, make sure to follow these steps in order for your Kuala Lumpur home to be prepared.